Coach Fizdale Should Shut Up

After a game in the NBA playoffs the Memphis Grizzlies coach went off on how the team was playing against the whistles as much as the other team.
The guy thought his teamed got screwed because of the refs.
And he let us all hear it in the post game conference.
Here is the video in case you have not seen it already.

This is the type of crap that the media, and morons like me, live for.
Now we can all give our two cents on something that was not related to the game.
Instead of talking strategy, or play-calling, this gets our attention.
This won’t be the last time you see something not related to the game, get more publicity than the game.
Unfortunately that is where we are with sports media.
Also I love how he is talking about a rigged game, without saying the word rigged.
What really gets me is the coach’s attitude towards himself.
Like he has any real stand on this.
Like that speech is really going to do anything.
Does he think there are people in the front offices thinking, “Boy that Memphis coach thinks his team got screwed in a game. We should do something about that.”
Does he not know what he is involved in?
He works for the NBA!
They tailor certain games so the teams that can make the league the most money can win.
It is rigged?
Eh, more like scripted.
Similar to wrestling, where the guys are really trying, but the outcome is already decided.

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The NBA is as much a business as it is a game with their concerns for making money and it is as much of a show with how the game is played.
But please go on about how you got rooked coach.
Which is great, since I am going to start saying that whenever I feel used by someone.
“Stop rooking fool!”
I will probably get a few strange looks from people.
And I know I am going to say it to the one person who will not get the reference.
Then I will need to got out of my way to explain where that line came from and the moment is ruined.
It would be like if I mention that Mulan schezwan dipping sauce to someone and they not get what show it is from.
Then I would have to go on a three minute rant about Rick And Morty and the weirdness behind it, and my joke is gone.

The coach can’t really have me believe that he is in the right here.
He might as well go on how this is all about the game of basketball and fundamentals.
And it is about respect and the children.
Keep telling yourself that this is not a business and still a game.
I’m listening, because you are apart of something real noble here, that when you take a stand I have to listen.
I obviously don’t listen, I write my opinion on my blog.
This guy should know what it means to be in a game that is rigged, he was an assistant for the Miami Heat team from 2008-2016 and that team got more calls than any other team in recent history.
So now there is a problem coach?
Now his team is being ripped off?
Only after he loses a playoff game is when he comments on the bad professionalism of the refs.
You can’t have it both ways coach.
I didn’t see him complaining when Lebron James was getting the calls that helped the team win the title.
Oh, but now since he is the victim I am supposed to feel bad for him.
miami heat this blog needs sports
He prospered from the same awful calls.
In fact, if it wasn’t for those calls he probably wouldn’t be a head coach right now.
You coach in the NBA and you really want me to feel sympathy for when your team is on the wrong side of a game.
Tough shit coach.
Any fan of the NBA can tell you something is up with the playoff games.
We aren’t stupid.
We know they are rigged, or at the very least, manipulated.
You knew what you were signing up for when you started coaching in the league.
Don’t complain when things aren’t going your way just because nobody cares about your freaking team.
It could be worse.
They could be that Kings team and get screwed out of a championship.

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