How Come Chris Pratt Is On ESPN?

Every movie requires there to be a promotional tour in order to get the word out on the production the actors, producers and all involved completed.
The actors are given the roles as faces of the tours because of their prominent appearance in the film’s style and look.
They are the ones we see in the film.
They are the ones whose faces are on the billboard and on all the promotional items that go along with many of the big-budget films.
As much as I would like to think that a writer is the main aspect of a movie tour, that is not the case.
The actors draw the crowd and with that, they have to convince us to see the film.
Because we all know that some of these movies really stink and others we don’t even know are available, so the lines during the film isn’t the only acting that actors must perform for their job.
They go to certain cities of the movie’s release, probably New York or Los Angeles, or any major city that can draw a good amount of press.
I have nothing against small towns, but the movie’s press release managers are not going to a town with only a baseball team’s amount of citizens to get headlines and youtube views.
They want lots of seats filled and that means they go to cities with large populations.
Sorry small towns, that is how it is.
Get over it.
You get the charm and laid-back culture, but with that you are not going to get any major film tours by you.
The actors also attend certain radio shows and other interviews, which are in those large cities too.
All in the name of the movie’s success.
So that they can get you in those seats, to get you to pay for that ticket.
Evidently those seats do not sell themselves.
You must be told of the film’s existence and then persuaded to see it in theater through a variety of pictures taken of the actors and questions asked about their lives.
Why this method has become the popular procedure is something even I am not quite sure.
I am going back to it having to do with the population reason.
Now, I am not going to go into the statistics on the success of these campaigns, or on whether I think the whole process is worth it.
I am sure there are some stats I can use to prove that certain areas with certain movies with certain actors sell better because of certain formulas.
Those stats are everywhere man and I get tired of them.
You just can’t get away from the computer generated, number computing society we live in.
Everywhere you go there are numbers for you telling of charts and graphs and how there are computers doing equations you didn’t even know were actual equations.
I won’t bore you with all those numbers, this is a sports blog afterall, not a movie one.
Which, if I am honest, numbers bore me, regardless of which blog I write them on.
Rather I’d like to present a question asked by one of my friends as we clicked on the television set searching for something to watch.
The effort one takes to find great television can take as long as the actual watching.

You look at the various programs and are surprised that there is such crap out there.
Unfortunately TV is like that of blogging.
Two million choices that all stink and the good ones are never around as much as you would like.
After going through fake news channels, real news channels, (I may have repeated myself), too many commercials and whatever the hell was on Comedy Central.
I give that channel a chance because I like a laugh as much as anyone else.
I also like watching good TV, which that never seems to have.
On the screen was the star of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt, not on a show like Ellen or Entertainment Tonight, or even Jimmy Kimmel.
The type of shows where you can’t tell if the hosts are mocking the actors or not for their movie’s release.
I, myself, wonder if the hosts have even heard of the film before talking to the actors.
Instead of talking about the techniques in movie making, or anything of insight, the shows either kiss the actors butt for repeating lines that they themselves did not write, or they play a fun game with them that one can only enjoy with alcohol.
Like I said, I can never tell if the hosts are mocking the actors.

Chris Pratt was on the set of Sportscenter talking about his movie, the one that played that song my parents love.

Like I didn’t hear this song enough because of them, when the movie was released I had to be told of the song everywhere the movie was promoted.
Let me clarify that I like the song, it was really overplayed in the typical fashion that older music is, like that of a senior reminiscing of younger days proud of their accomplishments.
“See this is great music.”
As if the music I like sucks.
Meanwhile I am fairly certain there is a legal, business reason the song was used, not because it is so great.
This point is always absent whenever praise for the song is brought up.
The fact that the company who played the song was willing to buy out the rights to pay the artist to put the song in the movie.
The song’s greatness is not the number one reason it was picked.
The movie, as far as I can tell, was basically The Avengers without being called The Avengers.
What? You can’t expect me to believe that the characters from that universe were so well known before the movie’s release that the franchise couldn’t miss with this movie.
Yeah, that is not what happened.
The reason this lineup looks like The Avengers is because it was inspired by it.
The original lineup was made in 1969, and The Avengers in 1963, so Marvel took from themselves and then made a movie about the characters.
Hey, more credit to them, for making more money with less work.
People loved the Guardians of the Galaxy, because none of us thought anything of it when we walked in.
Moviegoers treated the movie with no expectations, if there was one it was to entertain us, which is as low of expectations a major budget film can have.
We didn’t want any plot twists, or clever endings, or even unique original characters.
As we sat in the crowded theater with our popcorn and soda we hoped that the movie gave us enough thrills and laughs that when we left we could feel satisfied.
And to it’s credit, Guardians of the Galaxy did just that with a raccoon, a green lady, a tree no less.
Now it is back for more, unfortunately for you, the company that made that movie is owned by a company that owns another that owns the company that….
You know let me just spell it out for you.
You are watching ESPN (with Chris Pratt)
ESPN is owned by ABC.
ABC is owned by Disney.
Now that would be easy enough to keep track but that that doesn’t explain why the movie with Pratt is on ESPN.
Marvel made Guardians of the Galaxy.
Marvel is owned by Disney.
I am pretty sure Disney went all White Goodman with their company structure.
Right, well. You work for the bank. Bank works for me so, ipso fact, I'm your boss.
It has nothing to do with their celebrity, but the company that pays them.
That is why you only see certain people on ESPN.
ESPN only interviews their own, or ABC’s own, or Disney’s own, or you get the idea.
If you are a viewer of ESPN, which chances of you are if you are a sports fan, then you may have noticed a change in sports viewing.
ESPN has planted their place as a staple in the sports viewing world.
As the channel to go to if you want to see sports highlights
That narrative is slowly changing because of the change happening at ESPN.
Like having Chris Pratt being interviewed when I want to watch sports highlights.
They have replaced sports with opinions and added interviews to those only in the ESPN family, which is getting larger every day.
So next time you sit down and turn on ESPN, not because you are a fan, but because you are used to going to it for sports news, and you see an actor, or musician, or someone not related to sports being interviewed, you know why.
That person is being paid by them to promote a product that they are trying to sell.
In my case, there was Chris Pratt.
Unfortunately he will be far from the last.

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