Why Is The NCAA Tournament On True TV?

Any fan of college basketball, one who is old enough to remember when Chamberlain played or young enough to not know much at all, (I’m talking of the kid who doesn’t know about Pistol Pete), one who is an alumni of one of the schools involved or not in any way an alumni, or even a fan of the schools in the tournament; a fan enthused about college basketball or indifferent to the current state of the game that has freshmen enter the draft every year, has this experience before when watching the NCAA tournament on their television;
This is practically a right of passage for any NCAA fan to rightly earn their place among the college basketball fans who fill out brackets, paint their faces and cheer for their schools.
You can not call yourself a fan of March Madness if you have not performed this act.
Just like a surgeon can’t call himself a surgeon without performing a surgery.
I mean, you can, but you will be called an idiot.
You are standing next to the TV with your remote in your hand curious of the games on because you want to watch them but are unaware of their location of your TV.
Sure, you know the channel to Food Network (even when Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is on), and the History Channel, but the NCAA tournament still gets you.
As you flick through channels you call out to the other person in the room who is also interested in the tournament about the games.
“Hey! What channel are the games on?”
Unless, by some act of God, you find the channels by yourself, your friend (hopefully) calls out to you that they are on CBS, TNT, TBS and TrueTV.
If they do not help you with this question then I suggest getting a new friend.
Friends help each other with March Madness; it is part of the friend code.
For your sake I hope that one of you knows the channels of the games that way both of you are standing there like idiots as one of you flicks through channels.
If neither of you know of the channels, then you are not as much of a fan of the tournament as you claim to be.
You should not speak ill of the fans who fill out their brackets based on outrageous methods  like picking the team with the best mascots, or whose names you know  since you are such a proud fan that you don’t even know what channel the games are on.
That is like saying you love a movies, but you don’t know where a movie theater is.
Kyrie’s statement about the Earth sounds better than that.
How the heck are you going to watch the games if you don’t know where you can watch them?
And now because of your friend’s help, you know the channels that the tournament is on.
The only task left for you is to click the remote with your fingers, since you know of all the channels.
There is a problem with that solution, you are require to know the number of the station that your friend told you.
It is great to know the channel by name, but there are now thousands of channels so you are best to know what you are looking for by the channel number.
Luckily for you, three of the four channels mentioned check out on your list of remembered TV stations.
Some of your favorite shows are on CBS and you have clicked by TNT and TBS every once in a while.
You can name their channel number.
Whether you should be proud of this fact is something that is not meant to be answered at this current moment.
But wait…
What is True TV?
Is that a real functioning channel that the TV provider actually has you pay for?
No. Can’t be. It must be a joke
It sounds like something that would be in a comedy mocking real channels.
As the character is sitting on the couch going through a montage of bad television channels, one is called True TV, as a joke, not as a serious station.
And there are no sports on that channel right?
You hope not, because you may be missing some pretty big games on this so-called True TV, that calls itself true but is playing sports.
Sounds suspicious.
pranks this blog needs sports
You do not know what this True TV thing is, who came up with it, and what it wants, but you have questions for it.
Where did it come from?
What shows are on it?
And what is so true about it anyway?
You are even convinced that the games aren’t really on that channel.
It could be a lie spread by the lying media to cover their tracks in a scandal.
But no, that channel is as real as you and me, as the blue sky with clouds covering the sun, as the deep ocean filled with fish and sand.
If you click around long enough, you will find a channel that is called True TV.
When you find it, you aren’t sure if you should be sad of happy.
On one hand you find the channel you have been looking for, like and investigative reporter, you know where this man was on a certain date.
On the other hand, the games are not on that channel.
Impractical Jokers is.

The viewership of the NCAA tournament is growing in recent years, thanks to the popularity of the bracket, which seems to have taken on a life of it’s own.
Like that of a movie line that we all love to quote.
terminator this blog needs sports
You can parody it on SNL.
Joke about it with your buddies at the bar.
Or use it while you are in the supermarket, or any other situation you deem necessary.
We love the bracket.
We cannot deny that there is something we all find intriguing, that we like about the brackets.
Is it the number of Cinderellas?
We love when David beats Goliath, and this tournament is the best example of that story.
Could it be the sixty four teams in have such a following that the rest of us feel obligated to participate in the madness?
(I am saying sixty four teams because those other four schools don’t count to me. Those four play-in games are completely useless. They serve no purpose. No one watches them and no one even knows why those games are not the sixteen seeds.)
anybody this blog needs sports
I bet the popularity of the tournament is because of the seeding we all like it so much.
Who is playing who?
What region are they in?
What are the favorable match-ups and who is on upset alert?
Whatever the reason, the NCAA bracket has become a pop culture icon, like that of Spongebob Squarepants and The Avengers
It is now something that you can give someone, or write an essay about (if that is your sort of thing) and you expect the person on the other end to understand what you are talking about.
If they don’t, they are wrong for their lack of awareness of what is going on in the world.
You may even utter such phrases mocking the poor people’s ignorance, and if you decide to go that route please refrain from any insults or crude language towards the individual, for remember they may have the winning bracket one day.
bracket this blog needs sports
I can tell you one thing.
It is not the basketball games being played.
No. Not at all.
In fact, the NCAA bracket may be the most liked sporting event by none sports fan.
aunt this blog needs sports
That is not really the greatest accomplishment.
It is the most liked by people who don’t normally like that thing.
The appearance of the bracket has somehow capture the college basketball fans minds and the attention of the nation as well.
It reminds me a song that is liked not only by the fans of the genre but of the mainstream too.
You can’t criticize it, since it really passed both points.

But I am afraid that I did not answer the original question that you, me and just about every other college basketball fan wants to know.
How is True TV related to college basketball?
A channel that has shows about pranksters is playing the most anticipated games in the year.
Did I miss something?
Did the Sports Reporters not talk about this?
Did PTI skip this segment to talk about Lebron and the Cavs?
I bet that Sportscenter picked talking about instagram pictures and twitter accounts rather than this topic.
It seems to me that everybody I know is asking this question but no one on any of these shows is even a little bit curious about the unusual position of the games being on a channel that no one watches.
Unless you are one of those loyal True TV followers who watch all that they give their viewers.
If you are one of these people, then I am sad to say, that you are in the minority on this one.
I believe the reason for True TV being prominent in the NCAA tournament is because of it’s relation to the other channels.
TNT and TBS are apart of the Turner Broadcasting System, which guess what is also part of that system?
I will give you a hint it starts with True and ends in TV.
True TV is part of Turner Broadcasting Systems rights to broadcast the games.
They must not have cared about the channel being unknown at the time of the tournament, since let’s face it, the tournament sell itself really.
And they were right.
The lack of viewers that True TV gets prior to the tournament doesn’t seem to hurt their viewership during it.

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