James Dolan Can’t Be That Stupid

Just the mention of James Dolan gets Knicks fans laughing.
We smirk and joke about how he is lost.
How he has no clue what he is doing.
How a moron like him should have never been in charge of a franchise.
And not just any franchise either.
We are talking about the New York Knicks here.
From Frazier to Ewing to the Garden, the Knicks are despite their lack of titles still a draw.
They still sell out.
Radio hosts still talk about them when they can.
Compared to a team, like the Nets.
Who bore people just by the thought of them.
I blame, the colors on that one.
nets this blog needs sports
Someone who is staying up to date with the Charles Oakley story may even claim that Dolan started the whole thing.
That only something that stupid can happen under someone as dumb as James Dolan.
A former great player got thrown out by his own team.
Dolan is an idiot!

Clever fans will say that Dolan has not won any titles while in charge.
It was his father workings.
Dolan inherited the franchise, and now it is…
Well you know.
Knicks fans treat James Dolan the same way that the nation treated Dick Cheney, as a joke that we all can laugh at.
You can take the first thirty seconds of the video and replace Dick Cheney with James Dolan and it would be the same joke.

But how dumb is James Dolan really?
Afterall the Knicks are the most valuable team in the sport.
knicks this blog needs sports
As I said, every game is a sellout.
Fans are as enthused as ever.
And who is running that show?
Dolan, the same imbecile that we mock when we hear his name.
You don’t think that Dolan is smart?
You are convinced that he is to blame for this mess?
Well, he is still laughing his way to the bank.
I don’t see you anywhere close to owning a team, better yet a team like the Knicks.
So why do Knicks fans give Dolan such a hard time?
It is not like the team is worth nothing and playing bad.
The team is very valuable, and playing bad.
That means despite all the jokes we make about Dolan, the guy does know how to keep the value of the franchise high.
Once the Knicks are in the bottom of the league in value and playing bad, then I will say that the owner is an idiot.
But he can’t be a complete moron, we are all still going to the games.
shut up this blog needs sports

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