What The Hell Are They Talking About?

I warn you to not watch or listen to sports news all day.
Don’t listen to the sports radio when you are at work.
Avoid turning on the television everyday for sports news.
It’s bad for ya.
If you hear it so much you just may end up believing it.
Instead of doing that, try to understand the game for yourself.
Because you know that the people in the media are not going to help you.
Between the commercials in the show and off it and the unnecessary digressions into Twitter and Instagram, you will only waste your time by expecting any in-depth research and dialogue from these shows.
As soon as they get into something good, they have to go to a commercial break or they have another interview.
Which has happened to me a few times while I watched these shows.
The guys on the show sound like they are about to break through to something, to get to a really great point and…
Then they stop.
And they never pick up on the thought later in the show.
frustrated this blog needs sports
I just…
Sometimes I am listening to or watching these shows and I just think to myself, “Are these idiots kidding me? What are they talking about? Do people actually care about this?”
The problem is that the media thinks that everything they say is relevant so they go wherever they please.
We are at their mercy with their selection of the news.
And it is not always worth your time to be apart of it.
media this blog needs sports
Why can’t I just turn on a show that gives me the scores of last night’s game?
That is all I want.
Who won last night and how they played.
What makes this even better is that there are shows out there that revolve around scores and even give their opinion on the games.
As if I care.
I am referring to the fantasy sports shows.
fantasy this blog needs sports
Here we have someone who has no involvement in your fantasy team telling you how you can do better with your picks.
They are telling you what to think about something that isn’t even real.
They are relentless with getting your attention.
So they will show you a funny video of a player dancing at the club, have a pretty co-host, talk about a retired coach who mentioned a scandal in his sport, show you the new swimsuit issue.
All so that you tune in.
They want your ears more than they want your opinion.
But before watching these shows, ask yourself if you should be bothering with them in the first place.
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