Why Kyrie Erving Isn’t Wrong With Questioning The World

I am going to go on a whole philosophical rant right now, so if none of you are interested in that I suggest you read another article claiming that Kyrie Erving is an idiot for not accepting what we all know.
The Earth is round.
It is right?
Yes, traditional wisdom tells us that the Earth is round.
Which I can go on about how the people who celebrate Christopher Columbus day are convinced that the world is round, but I want to stay on topic.
Let us take a look at what Kyrie Erving is really saying.
He is not claiming to have a newfound discovery that the Earth is round.
Never did he have any charts or diagrams from his laboratory days evaluating the moon cycles and earth.
Nor did he say that he knows more than you because of his great Duke education.
Rather, he is saying that they are lying to you with the information that they give you.
Who is they?
Well, that is where things get fun.
I have no contractual obligations so I can throw out a few names.
Kyrie Erving would get into trouble for saying that Big Brother is watching.
Because he works for an enterprise like the NBA, who may be apart of it, for all we know.
Heck, we already think that they rig games.
They could be referring to the New World Order, Big Brother, Ned Flanders, that guy on the corner who never seems to move.
Who knows?
They are lying to you.
And Kyrie Erving is suggesting a noble point that should be complimented rather than mocked, to look it up for yourself.

Click here to read of the two ways to tell if an NBA game is rigged.

mock this blog needs sports
To learn yourself.
See the world for what it is.
Do your own research.
Don’t just sit back on your couch and let them explain the world to you anyway that they want.
Because they will explain it in terms that benefit them, not you.
Now, he may be off with his claim, that the Earth is round.
But why are we ripping him for that?
His theory isn’t even what he is talking about!
He is discussing the manipulation of information in our world and the only way to truth is through self-evaluation.
I can’t believe no one is going to ask him of his religion after hearing his rant.
Since searching for truth is as much of a philosophy as it is anything else.
ironic this blog needs sports
What is wrong with a man looking for truth in this world?
For being given an answer, examining it, and thinking whether it is real or not.
No, we are all supposed to just take whatever information they give us and nod our heads.
Seems to me that Kyrie Erving is a fan of George Carlin.

Is the truth out there?
Is there even such thing as a truth?
Can truth just be a concept that humanity has created?
Or is there something that we all should be reaching for more than our phones or the remote to the TV?
I don’t know.
But I will not insult Kyrie Erving for at least asking questions of this world.
Compare that to when Lebron James spoke of the English Language.

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