Why Charles Oakley Was Probably Wrong

You may have heard that Charles Oakley got thrown out of Madison Square Garden this past week because, according to him, James Dolan doesn’t like him so he got thrown out.
What most likely happened is that Oakley was acting like a jerk and someone reported him to security.
And when he didn’t cooperate he was asked to leave, and when he refused they threw him out.
Am I really going to believe that he was just sitting quietly not bothering anyone and then all of a sudden the security guards decided to remove him from the premises?
Give me a break.
oakley this blog needs sports
And then the media goes on about how there are conflicting sides to the story, how they don’t know what happened.
What the hell are they talking about?
We know exactly what happened.
Charles Oakley arrived to the Knicks game, was acting like an asshole, so security threw him out.
madison square garden this blog needs sports
Why is it so hard for the media to even say that?
As I listened to the reports it was presented like they were kind of rooting for Oakley.
Like he wasn’t wrong.
Like those security guards weren’t doing their jobs.
What really got me was when they said how the story had conflicting sides!
Conflicting sides?
Where is the conflict in all of this?
Donald Trump had more of a conflict with the AFL than Oakley did that night.
He was being out of line and got rightly thrown out.
So because Oakley defends himself afterwards that makes it conflicting?
Just because the accused pleads innocence doesn’t mean the story is conflicting.
Ask the security guards, ask the fans who were there, if they all have different takes on what happened, then the story is conflicting.
Also are we all going to ignore that the whole thing was taped?
espn this blog needs sports
I believe that this instance is just another where the people at ESPN are showing how much they hate the New York Knicks.
They hope they lose.
They hope they suck.
In fact, the guy on one of the shows admitted he was upset that the whole thing was resolved after the commissioner stepped in.
The ESPN guy flat out said that he didn’t care if the Knicks find a way to make this better.
I don’t know why, but there is some sort of conspiracy against the New York Knicks.
No, not like that Kings game.
Although I will admit that there have been a few games this year that appeared to be rigged.
The media always finds something bad to say about the Knicks.
Even when they win a few games.
twilight zone this blog needs sports
Now, you will be told that is NY, that is what happens when you play in the biggest media city in the world.
I don’t buy it.
The only people who geniunely root for the Knicks are their fans.
Everyone in the media hopes the worst for them, and never really explains why they hate them.
They just do.
Like this whole Oakley situation.
We all talk about this and then laugh at how bad the Knicks are.
Nowhere is someone saying positive things about them.
And don’t tell me that there isn’t anything nice to say about them.
Have you seen how much good press the media gives teams with as bad of a record as the Knicks?
For those teams the next few games are hopeful turnaround games that can help them, for the Knicks the next few games are the beginning of the end.
If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that the media was rooting against the Knicks.
This is coming from a guy who says that Lebron James took steroids so who knows?

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