Our Acceptance Of The Swimsuit Issue

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Recently Sports Illustrated has released yet another swimsuit issue.
And millions of millions of people, mostly men between the ages of 18-39, will enjoy the pictures.
Everywhere you go there will be a picture of that woman in a bikini.
The grocery store, the pharmacy, the local college.
Heck your church may even get a few copies to get the young audience in for Sunday mass.
But why have we accepted what is very clearly a presentation of the magazine to sell sex?
Sure, they say the women are beautiful and how the bikini’s are designed with such care, but we all know why we pick up the magazine.
To see a hot chick on a beach with barely any clothes on.
Which the sports shows are even picking up on.
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In a society where everything has rules and standards that they should abide by, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has somehow become as risque as an adult magazine, but yet still keep its innocence.
They break the rules, yet are not really punished for it.
Which is funny, because I remember reading about an athlete who broke the rules too.
Instead the magazine is celebrated for such a feat.
Think of it like this; if you named the magazine Playboy instead, people wouldn’t be as accepting of it.
Even if the images are the same.
Movies that are too sexual get an R rating.
Songs with curses get the parental advisory sticker.
Video games with sex get an M rating.
But what does this magazine get for showing a woman naked in body paint?
We are all fine with it.
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In fact, we even may ask where can we get more.
Even if you go to a porn site, they won’t pretend like they are trying to just be pretty.
They are selling sex and hope you buy it.
But the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue acts like it is doing some service to all of us.
As if we should be honored by such a magazine.
Meanwhile it is preying on our attraction to the female body.
Which is just a nice way of saying they are selling sex.
tissue this blog needs sports
My next question is where are they going with this?
Will there be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue every month eventually?
If the audience is so large, it would only make sense for them to try to capitalize on that amount, right?
Either by trying to grow it, or by expanding its quantity.
Right now the people at Sports Illustrated will say that they like the once a year occurrence, but if the sales of the other issues ever fall off or they can find a way to reach a larger audience with a year round magazine, they will.
What will happen then, if everywhere you go there is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue out?
Would we be okay with the blatant sexual content of the magazine, or would we object to it?
Going by what we say now, we’d probably accept it.
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