There Is No Such Thing As A Judgement Free Zone

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You may have gone to the gym recently or have seen an advertisement regarding how a certain gym is just for you.
The non-athlete, one who wants to lift some weights and go on the treadmill without having to worry about every other person in the gym being an Olympian and making you feel fat.
There is the judgement free zone.
Like a haven for us normal people in the world.
Those who don’t workout four hours a day and think that a real workout doesn’t need to involve sweat.
We eat fast food, don’t know what organic means and have a hard time understanding all the instructions on the weight machines. (Some of them are very confusing)
Finally, finally, we have a place that we can go where no human can judge us.
We are living in a sophisticated age rid of hate and tribalism, so it would only be natural that there is a judgement free zone.
Which I say is complete bullshit.
Please, by the time I get to my locker room I judged every single person in the gym.
In fact, I gave each of you your own name and back story.
Why are these gyms trying to act like we all go to the gym because we love to workout?
Like I wake up every morning excited to run on the treadmill as fast as I can, or pick up a heavy amount of weights?
There is even a saying in the sports world that goes, “No pain. No gain.”
Yikes. Can you imagine if I had that mentality when writing this blog?
Nothing would ever get written!
Being judged is the exact reason we all go to the gym in the first place.
We don’t like how we are being judged, how the world perceives us and our non-athletic bodies so we are trying to get into better shape.
That way when that stranger who you never met and will probably never see again looks at you while you are lifting weights they think, “Damn, that person looks good.”
Let’s face it, we know that everyone is judging us, so we might as well make them like what they see.
That’s like the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
Ah, yeah, I am going to do that.
Sorry, it’s called evaluating a situation.
See, there is this thing, inside my head, I am not sure if you ever used it, they call it the brain.
It takes information that I learn and remembers it and later on when I am in a situation, like you know, walking into a large room full of complete strangers moving their bodies frequently, it tells me what to think of the whole experience.
I am not going to read your book so I am going to give the cover the most time I feel it is worth, a few seconds.
Like at the gym, I am not going to talk to everyone, so I judge them by how they look.

book cover this blog needs sports

Plus you know the person who said about book covers was talking literal.
Not about some self-aware fairness we should have for each other.
The writer wrote the manuscript and couldn’t draw, but since the person had no money they drew their own cover, which was awful.
When that person gave their book to the editor the first line our of their mouth is to not judge the book by the cover.
It was only later we applied that saying to have moral purpose and a lesson.

There are three people at the gym that I always notice.
1. The hot chick – You know her. She looks good. She knows she looks good, and every man is nonchalantly positioning themselves right behind her. To get technique advice (obviously)
yoga pants this blog needs sports
2. The guy who took too many steroids – Dude. I know you have a competition or something that you are afraid to lose, but can you lay off the roids? Your biceps are bigger than my head. That’s not normal. When I am next this man I move quickly away, because I don’t want him to explode. Plus he could probably eat me.
3. Those who are just there – Like me. These are the people who I look at and think to myself, “What the hell is that person doing here? They never work out!” Others are amazed when people in this group doesn’t hurt themselves and leaves the gym in one piece. They talk a big game, but are not that athletic.

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