What Worries Me About The Super Bowl

The Patriots, the team that everyone loves to hate, will be playing the Atlanta Falcons, the team that no one knows, for the NFL championship in Super Bowl LI, that’s fifty-one for those of you who hate Roman numerals.
romans this blog needs sports
I want it to be a compelling game this time around.
Most of the games in recent years, have well, sucked.
They had their moments, but the overall quality of the game was okay.
The best game of the year is never in the Super Bowl for some reason.
I am pulling for the Atlanta Falcons because they get no love from anyone.
The media needs to make up reasons to talk about them, because if the media had their choice they would talk about the Patriots.
From Tom Brady, or (his girlfriend), Bill Belichick and those sweaters, Spygate, Deflategate, and just about any other gate you can think of.
gate this blog needs sports
I am hoping that the Falcons win and show everyone just how good they are.
Even then I know that the media will spin it as if the Patriots lost the game by not capitalizing in crucial points, instead of saying that the Falcons did what they needed to do in order to win.
What worries me is that the Patriots are due for a blowout in the Super Bowl.
Every Super Bowl game they have won under Brady and Belichick has been close.
Let’s go through each score of those Super Bowls.
Super Bowl XXXVI – Patriots 20 Rams 17
Super Bowl XXXVIII – Patriots 32 Panthers 29
Super Bowl XXXIX – Patriots 24 Eagles 21
Super Bowl XLII – Giants 17 Patriots 14
Super Bowl XLVI – Giants 21 Patriots 17
Super Bowl XLIX – Patriots 28 Seahawks 24

What do we learn from this list?
First off, I am really starting to dislike Roman numerals.
And second, every game was close!
Even the ones that they lost were close.
If this Super Bowl is like the others, then there will be four points or less separating the points of the two teams.
Now if the Patriots as so good, then shouldn’t they win one game in a blowout?
One of these years they will win the game by halftime, right?
After all they are the greatest dynasty the sport has ever seen, yet they never dominate a Super Bowl game.
The Law Of Averages says that they are overdue for a blowout.
vegas this blog needs sports
Also if you are doing a pool, pick numbers that are three or four digits apart, since history shows that is how close the game will be.
If you have 1, pick a 4 or 5.
If you have 2, pick 5 or 6.
If you have 8, pick 1 or 2.
betting this blog needs sports

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