What If The NBA Really Does Have A Steroid Problem?

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In his new book, former coach George Karl, stated that the NBA has a steroid problem.
Now since it is not baseball, it won’t get any coverage by the media.
They will talk about it once and then let it go.
And when I say talk about it, I mean that they will digress to another point altogether while they are supposed to be discussing it.
Yeah, for some reason when steroids are brought in other sports, no one seems to care as much, as when they are brought in baseball.
When a baseball player gets caught, it is front page news.
A former great NBA coach says that the league has a steroid problem, and nothing.
Also, I am assuming by “steroid problem” he means that everyone is taking them.
Not, that the steroids they are taking don’t work.
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Here is my question;
What if he is right?
What if the NBA really does have a steroid problem?
What would happen to the game?
Well, I know the first thing that would happen.
Just look at baseball.
A whole era of the greats would be questioned.
Every player out on the court would be a suspect and those who were clean would still be given a hard time.
Name a great that is playing today.
Lebron, Wade, Curry, Durant, Harden.
They would all be questioned.
We would be doing the same thing for these guys greatness that we do for baseball.
“Oh that is why he can jump so high!”
“Oh that is why he was so good!”
It would make some sense to us.
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Can you imagine what would happen if the NBA ever had the same scandal that baseball had?
I am not saying anyone of the guys mentioned is taking something.
Although I have written about the possibility that Lebron James and Steph Curry may have.
What I am saying is when a Hall Of Fame coach says that the league he coached in for a good twenty years has a problem that I suspected it has, then I am going to listen.
No push it aside to show the Top Ten plays.
I just can’t believe what I am seeing.
I turn on the baseball network and the people are losing it over steroids.
“We don’t really know who did it!”
“Some took steroids before they were illegal!”
“What about the guys who we don’t know about!”
And then they discuss all the things that we should have known as fans back then.
Clues, if you will, on the steroid era happening.
The guys got bigger.
The home runs went longer and out at a more frequent rate.
And the guys played longer into their careers than before.
Then I turn on the NBA highlights and what do I see?
They all talk about how big the new players are, how the modern athlete is so much better than the older one, how these guys can play longer into their careers because of modern medicine.
They basically name all the concerns that baseball missed with the steroid era and say it is why the NBA is so great.
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since NBA fans seemed to forget about that Kings game.
I honestly can’t be the only one who agrees with Karl on this one.

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