Why I Will Never Vote For The Steroid Guys

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I don’t care where the writers go with their take in the coming years,
How the analysts say that they are easing off on the scandal.
How can I support someone who I know cheated?
How can I vote for someone who broke the rule?
If this happened in any other area of life, these guys would not be forgiven.
They’d be in jail.
But for some reason, I am supposed to forgive them because they are just so popular.
What a way to spin that.
Just because these steroid guys were popular doesn’t mean that they did not cheat.
See, there is not way around that.
The analysts will talk about the numbers, their greatness, the loss of the history of the game, but you can’t change the fact that these guys cheated.
They broke the rule.
And that’s final.
If we can’t even get a simple thing like that under control then we really have no idea what is going on.
I have also heard some use the phrase “competitive advantage” which is just a nice way of saying cheating.
The players should be excused because they were innocently looking for some advantage.
As if they are kids, and they didn’t know that they were cheating.
I can’t stand to hear these analysts make excuses for these players.
They cheated, so they shouldn’t be allowed in the Hall of Fame.
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I see it like this;
If you and me both got 100% on a test and I cheated, but you didn’t, wouldn’t you want to get the better grade?
In school if you got caught cheating then you got a zero.
These guys, who are grown professionals got caught and they are still being talked about as legitimate contenders.
What are we saying about the system, not that the players aren’t getting voted in, but that they are getting voted for at all?
Cheating, apparently doesn’t matter.
If you cheat and are great and still get caught, then we will not penalize you.
Heck we may even put you in the Hall.
What a message to send to the fans.
How about this?
Either vote them all in or none of them.
Don’t go back and forth every year deciding on whether it is bad to cheat?
Should we award cheaters?
Is that really that hard of a question to answer?
My god a five year old knows that cheating is wrong.
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