Can They Just Say It Like It Is?

wait a minute this blog needs sports

What is with the media trying to build up some of these games, pretending like that are great matchups and that I am missing something if I don’t watch it?
Do they think that I am that stupid that I will get excited to see two bad teams play each other in a meaningless game?
Since the host always keeps the narrative that the teams are good.
It could be that the host is clueless and doesn’t even know the teams stink.
I have seen a few unaware people on these so-called sports talk shows.
Ones that could only tell you about really popular athletes like Lebron James and Tiger Woods, and not even how they play either.
Just a headline of a current event they were apart of.
And yes, I am serious with my suspicion of these shows including the word sports as part of their description.
You can’t say that you are a sports show and then talk about what a guy wears when he enters an arena, or if you are impressed by the athlete’s new commercial.
Leave that to the bullshit celebrity shows, not the sports shows.
lumberjack this blog needs sports
I always see highlights of the two teams that aren’t even above .500 and the hosts are acting like they are powerhouses.
“Wow this team is really on the rise.”
Meanwhile they will be a lottery pick this year.
Or what they will try to sell you is that the one bad team has a great player.
Oh my god, how many times are they going to play this song?
I hear this more than I do the most played song on the radio. (which is saying something)
The hosts will tell you how the one player is on a bad team, that he plays with no one.
But he is great, a generational player.
Make sure to watch him.
It is his team that has the problem, not him.
I am not buying it.
Stop telling me how I am supposed to care about a mid-season game between two lottery teams like it is the finals.
Just say it for what it is, Bad.
Don’t watch the teams.
This game is a poor performance.
If this was a play or a book, then it would get a zero rating.
But no, they don’t do that.
Instead they keep telling you how two awful teams are worth watching.

This whole thing is like me telling you that if you don’t read my next book, then you are missing something.
I am sure that I would love to believe that, but that is probably not true.
And just to prove that this is not a clever promotion for a book, I won’t leave you a link to click on.

(Screw it, here is the link)

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