Why George Karl’s New Book Is Brilliant Marketing

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George Karl, longtime coach in the NBA has been criticized for some excerpts from his upcoming book “Furious George”
People are mad that he said some inappropriate things about Carmelo Anthony and other players.
It is safe to say that anyone who has this opinion doesn’t understand how book marketing works.
Apparently these people have no idea what a tell all book is.
It is a book where, you know, you tell all, good and bad.
And then you release a preview of a juicy gossipy part that the tabloids can talk about to help get free marketing for the book.
You hope to generate public awareness and curiosity for your book.
Admit it, you didn’t even know that Karl had a book coming out before the whole thing.
Neither did I.
This happens more than we think.
Megyn Kelly had a so-called controversy for her book shortly after it was released.
Apparently all those Trump supporters gave her book 1 star on Amazon just because they could.
And she got a segment on a news show covering the whole thing.
She got free publicity for her book.
People who otherwise would have never heard of the book are now at least talking about the controversy behind it, which may lead to higher sales.
megyn kelly this blog needs sports
Do these people in the media really not get that they are being used?
Do they not care?
I don’t know.
But if you really think that George Karl gave the media outlets a preview of his book without having them talk about it then you are really out of it.
Like Karl didn’t know the preview would cause a stir.
Of course he knew it.
How dumb do you think he is?
Do you think he accidentally left it on the desk of someone who works for ESPN?
Emailed the wrong person by mistake?
No. He wanted ESPN to talk about his book.
Carmelo Anthony, in response to being one of the people mentioned in the previews, has said that he will say some things in his biography later in life.
Although I will say that since Carmelo admitted to not knowing what the word conundrum means, I would guess that it will be ghost written.
Don’t be surprised when you are given a preview of that book with something juicy that the sports shows talk about similar to Karl’s.
He won’t be talking about his jab step.
But about something that the readers want to hear.
Enough to get them interested and to inform them that the book is out.
Also I heard some in the media talk how the locker room is sacred territory.
None one shall give information to our enemies or even pass.

Are we actually expected to believe that people who work close to one another didn’t write books about each other before?
That is a new thing.
Have these people even heard of politics?
That happens all the time.
The former secretary of state tells some stories about his job and dealing with the president that the public wouldn’t otherwise know.
Don’t present what George Karl did as something new.
It has been going on for as long as tell all books have been written.
You tell about those you worked with.
It just so happened that this guy was a coach and dealt with NBA players everyday, some who are still in the league.
Also I am worried that the release of a book like this means that Karl is not doing too well.
He may become like Craig Sager pretty soon.
Since you write a tell all when you done with your career.
And one more thing before I let you go.
What’s up with all the controversy around these old NBA people recently?
First Phil Jackson, now George Karl.
Do the current media members have nothing better to do then discuss what seniors in the NBA have to think?
Can’t they just accept that George Karl is at that point in his life where he is saying what he thinks and he doesn’t give a damn what others make of it.
The guy is like 70 years old and just got over his cancer treatments, I think I’ll give him a pass for saying some of his former players were tough to coach.

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