Am I A Bad Person Because I Don’t Care That Craig Sager Died?

Craig Sager died just the other day at the age of 65.
I don’t know how popular he really is in the NBA community.
Sure the guys on the TV say that they loved him, but I can’t honestly ever remember a conversation I had about the guy.
I mean, I can talk to you about basically anything related to the NBA.
How Jordan is overrated.
How the ’86 Celtics are the best team ever.
How Chamberlain would do in today’s game.
But about a sideline reporter?
That conversation was never brought up.
Maybe some snide remark about his wardrobe, but not much else.
I don’t know if I ever went up to a fellow NBA fan and started it with, “Oh my god! Can you believe the reporting by Craig Sager last night! I watched the game just for that!”
So why is the NBA going crazy over this guy’s loss?
Apparently the whole sports world is mourning this guy’s death.
We can all get back to talking football and Lebron tomorrow.
Also let’s be honest the best part about that article, if you want to call it one, was the woman model.
I’d like to view the whole thing as bunch of links that are supposed to have information that you may or may not need to know.
By the time you figure it out, there is a woman who will distract you anyway.
But sure, let’s keep mourning that guy’s death.
hannah ferguson this blog needs sports

And more importantly, am I an inconsiderate jerk for not feeling that way?
Well first off Craig Sager was a sideline reporter.
Yeah. He was one of those people who asked irrelevant idiotic questions about the game to the coaches in between quarters.
“So coach the other team has ten fastbreak points. What are you going to do to stop them?
“Stop them from getting on the fastbreak.”
His interviews were so awful that the most memorable thing about them is what he wore.
Basically anything that Clyde Frazier didn’t want to wear.
When a player got injured Sager would be outside the locker room reporting on the fact that he didn’t know much about the injury yet.
When a team won a title, he would be the first person the player would talk to hoping for some insight.
Like “How does it feel to win the title?”
So you should feel bad that the reporter for the game died.
He was a nice guy and everyone loved him.
So ah… yeah.
Look I get it.
He’s dead.
That’s sad.
But the guy was working as he went to chemo.
Maybe for his own sake, it is better that he is gone.
He doesn’t have to deal with the pain anymore.
Also don’t make him out to be a larger part of the game than he really is.
He never shot the ball.
He never coached a team.
He reported.
I didn’t like when they made Stuart Scott out to be a martyr and I don’t like this either.
I can’t stand how they expect everyone in the basketball community to mourn for a reporter before the game starts.
The commissioner even said Sager was as important as the players and coaches.
If I were a player, I’d be offended by that comment.
No one turned on a game to see what Sager was wearing.
You know I keep ignoring the fact that these media people feel they are so important to the game.
As if they play, as if they are the ones who we go to see.
They are not as big as the game.
But I am wrong.
They not only think that they are.
Sager’s death proved it.
Of course, I am aware of the fact that my comments will be in the minority.
Most loved Ali.
Most loved Sager.
And no one on any mainstream network will say otherwise.
I don’t know.
I have been a basketball fan my whole life and not once was I ever told how important the reporter was to the game.
How the game will miss them when one of them go.
I must have missed that lesson.

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