The Funniest Story In Sports Of Course Has To Do With Trump

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So back in 2009 there was a 30 For 30 documentary made about the fall of the USFL.
It basically blamed Donald Trump, who was a team owner at the time, for the league’s demise since he wanted to compete against the NFL.
Now what is so funny about this whole thing is where Trump is now.
The documentary framed him to be the bad guy.
Like he wanted the league to do bad.
I personally think it was genius what he tried to do.
Sue the NFL, and the USFL can start with some money, which they didn’t have at that time.
It would have worked, if they would have been awarded money.
They won the case, but got no money from it.
So I can’t say that Trump deliberately tried to ruin the league.
He was very clever in trying to use the monopoly law to try to get some money for his league.
The documentary makes a little joke at him even with the title.
Small Potatoes is what Trump called the league’s attempt at success during the interview he had with the filmmaker, who took that as a cue to name the documentary after that remark.
The guy thought he was getting the last laugh.
“Ha. See I named the film after some douchebag thing that Trump said. See what I did there?”
As if none of us got it.
And guess what?
Who is the President?
Who is the guy running the nation?
So maybe he was right.
Maybe the USFL was small potatoes.
Afterall now history will remember Trump as a president, not the reason that the USFL failed.
I don’t care what you think of Donald Trump.
That’s hysterical.

I think it is safe to say that Trump got the last laugh.

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