Fan Participation Is Genius Because Fans Are Ignorant

You probably have seen a current trend in these radio and televisions shows regarding fan participation.
They want you to submit your opinion on the matter at hand and they will air the best.
I guess it is meant to be some sort of honor that they picked yours as their favorite.
You won’t see me doing that anytime soon.
Because, you know, I have this blog.
Now I have a few issues with this very innocent concept.

facepaint this blog needs sports

1. You are doing their job.
Don’t tell me how I have to submit my opinion and then give me a few seconds on the air and expect that to just be okay.
I did your job and got nothing but a t-shirt for it. (if that)
If they want to hear what people think, that is fine.
They can have callers call in because that is part of the show.
But once the fans are doing the show and getting nothing from it, I have a problem.
You know what, why don’t you send me your best ideas for a blog post?
Write it up and I will pick the best one.
Do you see how that gives the show less to do?
Yet they are presenting it as a great way to be involved.
It is a great way for them to do less with the same amount of content.
email this blog needs sports
2. Fans are always right. (at least according to them)
There will always be one guy who thinks his school is the greatest.
Or their team is really on fire and is bound to win this year.
Or that they need to change the rules to make it more entertaining.
Or that a current player is the best ever.
They are called fans because that is what they are, fanatics.
They support one team, or player through thick and thin.
Their passion is what makes them fans, not their intelligence for the game.
You don’t need to know sports to be a fan.
Just put on a jersey and your fine.
If fact, it may even be less.
These are the people that we want to give us a rationale discussion on sports.
The same guy who doesn’t know about Ty Cobb and Elgin Baylor is trying to tell me about the history of that game.
It’s not gonna happen.
No one ever thinks they are wrong with how they view a sports topic.
Everyone has the answer for how to win.
They all know the best way to get the job done. (a job they probably don’t have)
And if they think they are wrong, they are probably not talking about it anyway.
Asking fans about what they think about a sports topic is like asking any random stranger on the street what they think.
You don’t know their history of the game.
You don’t know how long they have been a fan of the team.
You know nothing about them.
But you give them fifteen seconds of airtime because…
I get tired of writing these posts after awhile.

cheerleader this blog needs sports

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