How ESPN Helped The Warriors Become The Team In The NBA

Any basketball fan knows that the team for the past few seasons has been the Golden State Warriors.
They have all those shooters, and score alot of points and are just so fun to watch.
This team has become one of the most, if not the most popular team in basketball.
That’s right, a team that doesn’t even state where they play in their name is the favorite of the fans.
Now you are expected to believe that their growth has come from their great talent and the never-ending fan demand for this team.
Which is kind of true.
Yes. There are a lot of bandwagon fans for this team, but there is something that happened off the court that helped them more than any title could.
ESPN started to shoot their program Sportscenter in Los Angeles.
What does that mean?
Simple. They could now include all the highlights of the teams from the west coast in their show.
They didn’t just have to rely on the east coast highlights.
Because as you know the east coast games end earlier than the west coast, so their highlights are never in jeopardy in getting on the show.
West coast games ended too late for them to be included prominently in the east coast Sportscenter.
And what did Sportscenter Los Angeles do after starting?
They found the Warriors.
Or did the Warriors find them?
Either way both are happy with the marriage.
No one in the east coast watches the Warriors, or any of the west coast teams play, and the show praises them.
It is not like I can say anything in response either.
Since I didn’t watch the game because I was sleeping.
I’ll have to push my bedtime back to 2 AM.
That is why you see so much coverage about the Warriors.
Not because they are just so great, or loved, or even hated.
They are in the same location where the show is being filmed.
And the Lakers weren’t good the past couple of years.
If the Lakers ever get their act together all Sportscenter will talk about is the Lakers.
They may even forget about the Warriors.
ESPN needed a team to promote for their new Sportscenter Los Angeles basketball segments.
A team that people can like and would turn in to watch the highlights.
Is it a coincidence that in the same time period that the Warriors blew up in popularity, Sportscenter Los Angeles premiered?
You can go as far to say they want the Warriors to do well.
Since that means more eyes on the TV.
I mean, they want the Warriors to do well until the Lakers start winning.
Sportscenter LA loses it when the Lakers are above 500 for a few games.

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