What Worries Me About ESPN

undertaker this blog needs sports

I was watching ESPN a few days ago and to my surprise there was a highlight reel of what many would consider more a field of entertainment than a sporting event.
Or to be more accurately, professional wrestling.
Not the kind of wrestling you see in high school or college.
I’m talking with the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Rock.
Now I get it.
That is a popular sport.
People love it for the entertainment and I can’t blame them.
It is fun to see two over the top personalities beat the crap out of each other.
Even if we know that it is scripted.
I say scripted, because I am not one who will claim it is fake.
That blood dripping from his face sure doesn’t look fake to me.
I am sure that blow to the head isn’t as bad as he makes it seems, but it is still a blow to the head.
The guy still is taking the pain, so we can say the result is skewed, but the impact one takes when wrestling is not.
As a sport, professional wrestling should be nowhere included in the conversation.
Not on sports talk shows.
It’s entertainment.
What I mean is that there is a script the wrestlers go by during the match, rather than wrestling on equal terms.
At one point you hit me with the chair and then I will take back the fight.
Which I am fine with as long as we are okay with putting it next to concerts and musicals rather than professional sports.
smash this blog needs sports
And that gets me to ESPN covering showing the through the years montage of the event.
Like it is an actual sport where anyone can win any fight.
What am I being told as a sports fan if professional wrestling, whose integrity as a sport is questionable at best, is the last segment of a sports coverage show.
Not just of any show though.
ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports.
Or at least, that is what they used to be.
Now, they go to where the money is.
And that is professional wrestling.
My question is how am I supposed to know that they don’t feel the same way most feel about professional wrestling that they do about most sports.
Do they really put the NBA and the NFL next to it as a sporting event?
Am I right here?
Is there a difference between them?
Or maybe ESPN is really presenting what we all really know.
That the MLB and the NBA are more similar to professional wrestling than any of us would like to think.
I don’t know.
I have a problem with watching a half hour worth of highlights only to at the end be presented with a clip from something that many don’t even consider a sport.
How can I take anything prior to that seriously?
All the numbers, all the fun facts, all the dunks and saves.
Apparently to ESPN that is no different than John Cena smashing someone over a table.

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