Since When Is Posse A Bad Word?

So recently Lebron James got all upset because Phil Jackson called his fellow businessmen part of his posse.
Guy is making millions to play a sport and someone calls him something and he gets all defensive.
Not a bad situation to be in.
It’s tough to play the victim and the king at the same time.
First off, who cares?
What, are you going to host Phil Jackson at your house sometime soon?
You’re in Cleveland.
He is in New York.
Why does it matter what he makes of your business decisions?
Why is Lebron James all of a sudden talking things other than basketball?
Phil Jackson can.
He’s Phil Jackson.
He is the Zen Master for a reason.
But Lebron?
Why isn’t someone asking him about getting every foul?
Or why he won’t just let Kyrie be the best player on the team?
But fine, let’s talk about a guy’s interpretation of a word.
This is what gets NBA fans interested I guess.
So why is Lebron offended exactly?
He thinks that Phil Jackson was talking racial about his posse.
Posse is a bad word in NBA circles, apparently.
I don’t know.
Someone should tell these guys that the word has no real bad or positive meaning to it.
The word means people who are close together, with a leader.
Like an entourage, or group, or squad.
I always felt it had the little added touch of meaning that the leader had some history with the group members.
Although this does not always have to be the case.
They are your boys because they came from your neighborhood and backed you all the way.
They are your posse.
Also, correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Lebron proud of his team being from his neighborhood early on?
Wasn’t that what made him different?
They even made a movie about it.
He didn’t go all business when he got into the league like most players.
He kept his friends to grow his career outside of the court.
So maybe that is why he is so pissed at Phil Jackson.
It is not racial.
Phil struck a chord with Lebron that no one else has.
Cause, let’s face it, Lebron has to a degree sold out.
He is in commercials, on billboards.
The guy is the biggest athlete in the world, and athletes are the biggest fakers out there, with all their promotions and interviews.
They say what they are told will make them money.
Lebron even says he is a businessman, which means to me, that he is about making money, not keeping friends.
So Phil addressed something that no one else wants to about Lebron.
Either he kept his childhood friends, which hurt his business.
Or he got rid of them, at the expense of growing his business.
Regardless of which, Lebron has made it very clear.
It is not as much about winning titles as we think it is for him.
This is all a business to him.

Someone I was with mentioned this when we were watching it;
Does Lebron even know what posse means?
He didn’t go to college, so we can’t all pretend like he is well read in literature.
Can he even name someone outside of the basketball world who has a posse?
Does he actually believe that the word is only used in that arena?
Do you really think he is reading up on how to be a physician on his way to the next game?
Or he is going to discuss the significance of literary classics on modern culture?
Even how he presented himself was like he doesn’t understand that English words can be interpreted differently.
He gives posse a negative connotation, but not everyone does.
Most will scratch their heads confused at his comments.
Since to them, posse isn’t a bad word.
And even if it is mean, sorry, but it is true.
Lebron is a leader of a group or gang, or squad.
So yeah, he has a posse.
I’m sorry, but Lebron James is not going to start giving me speeches on the English language.
You’re a businessman Lebron.
No one will deny that.
But an intelligent educated man who is well read and should teach others about the world.
Yeah, no one is saying that about him.

Also am I the only one that gets the feeling that Lebron James thinks he is important off of the basketball court?
Like he would say he is one of the most influential people to ever live?
As if he didn’t go to college and learn about others who changed the world.
I’m pretty sure Lebron James is on his own top five list of the most influential people ever.

1. Jesus Christ
2. Leonard Da Vinci
3. Lebron James
4. Isaac Newton
5. Albert Einstein

Yeah, Lebron probably even thinks he gives Jesus Christ a run for his money.

One last thing: The dude should not get into it with Phil Jackson.
That man is a genius.
Like he would be a college professor if it wasn’t for basketball.
He coached Kobe and Michael, does Lebron really think that by losing his respect, Phil will be offended?
Phil will eventually come up with an explanation for his words and the media will be stupid to respond to it.
And Lebron will say that he is over it.
Which is another way of saying that he doesn’t know what Phil’s response was about.
Everyone will downplay the fact that Phil Jackson just wrote a philosophical essay that is over our heads.

One last last thing:
This was a waste of time.
What a pathetic report.
What a way to spend my morning.
I was upset that instead of talking about the Raptors being title contenders, they were talking about this.
Is the NBA that interested in Lebron that they won’t even hint that a team can beat the Cavs?
Way to stay focused on the game NBA.

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