Two Ways To Tell If An NBA Game Is Rigged

I apologize for my lack of posting on my few blogs this past few months.
I have been busy working on my novel.
So now that it is done, I can get back to talking sports, movies, and writing a poem every so often.
Writing this is much easier than writing that novel.
Afterawhile I even get tired of the characters.
As I do with all my posts I will leave a link for you to check out a book that I wrote, if you would like to.
But enough of that,
On to the post.
The NBA is rigged.
Oh man.
That is a bad statement to say.
You will never hear anyone on NBA TV say such a thing.
Ernie Johnson won’t talk to Shaq and Charles Barkley about the games being rigged.
Sure, we will all complain about the refs being awful.
But rigged?
You can’t say that on a nationally syndicated show!
It’s a bad word.
Well, if you are like me, or any basketball fan, than you have at least pondered this possibility.
Afterall basketball is the easiest sports for one player to control the game.
Who is the best team in the league?
Obviously any team that Lebron is on, since he can dominate any aspect of the game.
You also would understand how refs can, in fact, change a game.
Three fouls in the first half for a NBA player is practically a prison sentence for the rest of the game.
Even though there is no rule that says you can’t play with three fouls in the second quarter, teams and players want to avoid that scenario, so that the player can just play.
Instead of having to worry about fouls.
Basketball is the only sport that guys get taken out voluntarily by the coach because of fouls.
Pitches are replaced in baseball because of pitch count, which I will get to another day about how we are all being told the wrong perspective on that topic.
And in football, it would be because it was a bad play.
Not because if you commit another you may be out of the game.
Let’s get to those two things that I think you can identify by watching an NBA game to see if it is rigged.
1. Foul Disparity.
If you ever see that one team is getting all the calls, look at how many free throws they are shooting compared to the losers of the game.
If it is twenty of more then the fix is in.
Sorry but to shoot 35 free throws compared to the other teams 14 is too large of a gap for any team to overcome.
Just take for example, the more notorious rigged game of all time.
The Lakers vs. the Kings.
In that game the free difference was 15 for the Lakers.
They shot 40 to the 25 for the Kings.
Everytime Kobe or Shaq got the ball, it was a foul.
Yeah, because the refs made sure that the way to keep the game close for the Lakers is for them to go to the free throw line.
Pundits and others in the field will tell you that the losing team needs to be more aggressive, to go to the hole more.
Which is completely missing the point.
That is like two people are taking a test.
One has only ten questions, and the other has one hundred.
The person who takes the one hundred question test is told to just study harder, that is their problem.
Which it isn’t obviously.
The problem is that you need to work twice as hard to keep up with the person who took the ten question test.
Think about it like this.
You are in a game.
You go to the hole a few times and get hit hard, no foul.
Now you think that you can shoot so you start taking some jumpers.
Because you know that if you go to the rim you can get knocked down and still not get any help.
Also, everyone only talks about the fouls that the refs made against the losing team.
But that is only half of the equation.
It is also the fouls that go for the winning team.
Guys on that team don’t even get hit hard, or make a bad play and are rewarded for it, because they get fouled.
They are not working as hard to get the results whereas the other team has to fall on the floor multiple times just to get a call.
2. The two types of fouls being called.
No. I am not talking about personal or team fouls.
I am talking about shooting or on the floor fouls.
Notice how the team that is losing never gets a foul to go to the free throw.
It is always them just taking the ball out of bounds.
The winning team always seemed to get fouled as they go up to shoot.
Because the free throw line.

What do you think?
Have you watched a game where you thought it was rigged?
And if it is, what would you do?
Is there anything you can do?
Besides scream at the TV?

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