Should An Athlete Visit The White House After Winning A Title?

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Professional athletes visiting the White House is as old of an American tradition as you can get.
We, Americans love our sports so it should come to no surprise that the leader of our country takes time out of the year to honor the winners of certain professional sports.
But should an athlete be obligated to go?
Is it mandatory?
What happens if they don’t go?
First we should talk about who exactly goes.
The team that wins the title.
Only that team.
The second place team does not get an invite.
It is to honor the winners that year.
Does the president have to do it?
Of course not.
But it is not only good PR, but gets the president on a good page with some of the athletes.
They go home telling their friends and family they went to the White House.
Plus it is just the courteous thing to do.
We like sports.
You play sports.
So we will honor the winner of your sport to show respect to it.
Now more offten than not athletes go to the event.
They all get dressed up and enjoy their day at the White House.
Which, let’s be honest, is probably the closest some of them will ever actually get to working there.
But what about the other side?
Why would any athlete say no?
It seems like an honor that most would happily accept.
Well there are a few reasons.
Maybe they don’t like the president and they can’t get over that.
Their party is not represented the way they feel it should be.
They are against an act of the White House.
Regardless, they don’t agree on something at the host’s house.
Now, I will say what I would do.
Not as an athlete.
But of a literary mind.
Let’s say that I get invited for something that I wrote.
Would I turn it down?
Sure I don’t agree with some of the politicians.
But I feel it is something more important than that.
I am an American.
The president is the leader of the nation.
If I can’t show support for him by simply going to the White House for an afternoon, then when can my country turn to me?
They aren’t asking me to support their politics.
They aren’t saying that I should vote for them, or even like them.
I was invited, so I will accept.
For the athletes that decline the offer, I can understand the protest.
But I view the event as kind of like a reunion for America.
You don’t have to like it, but you should go.
Be respectful, dress up and go.
Bitch and complain about the president or the policies or the parties later.
But the day is to be celebratory, not confrontational.
respect this blog needs sports
I also look at it like this.
They could ignore you.
They could care less that your team even won.
They didn’t have to invite you.
There are more important things going on in the world then your title.
So be honored that the leader, whether you agree with him or not, is taking the time out of his day to invite you into his house.
You are the guest, not the host.
If you do not like the president you should not decline attending the event.
Instead view it as a chance to try to understand his side of the story.
Maybe their is a reason he passed that law.
Maybe he is regretful for that act you feel strongly about.
How do you know about the president if you don’t even attempt to meet with him?
By not going, you are presenting the president as an enemy.
Someone you don’t want to chat with and try to compromise and seek a friendship with.
I am not saying you have to go over every Thursday night.
You can let it be known that you are opposed to the president and still go.
Because you two are fighting the same fight.
To make America a better place to live.
Why be an enemy with a man who can help you with that the most?
You will only isolate yourself and get more frustrated that your views and opinions are not heard.
Yeah, because you never showed up.

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