Why Do Athletes Assume Their Opinions Matter?

Alot of athletes are now speaking up about the injustices they feel that their people are facing in the world.
We are told that athletes should use their platform to better educate people.
But should they?
I mean, are they really the most knowledgeable of people to talk about societal changes?
The man fighting for the rights of minorities, dribbles a ball for a living, so his expertise in this field is questionable.
Just because they have a large stage doesn’t mean I have to listen.
Before anyone with that big of a medium communicates a political cause, I hope we all question this person’s background and intelligence.
And I am sad to say that athletes have to prove that they are worthy of speaking about such topics.
Are they a politician?
Have they made political comments before?
If so, do those comments go with their current statement?
Don’t just look at them and say, “Oh look that guy plays football, so I am going to listen to what they say.”
Athletes are experts in their respective fields, but these ones who are claiming to understand and know about the struggle of some people better explain themselves before I take them seriously.
It is like a teacher.
Who do you want teaching you about astronomy, an astronomer or an athlete?
Who do you want telling you about social change?
Hopefully someone who has experience in that field.
And I am sorry, I don’t care how big that audience is, athletes are not the experts in social change.
If they were, they would not be athletes.
I hope athletes understand why they are popular.
It is not because they are great speakers, or great inventors,
We like you because you can hit a home run over that fence.
That’s why.
I have no problem with these athletes discussing other topics.
But once you talk about one, then you should be comfortable talking about everything.
You can’t just talk about violence against minorities and not answer any other political questions we have.
Who are you voting for this year?
What is your opinion of Edward Snowden?
What are your thoughts on foreign policy?
If athletes ignore those questions, if they claim that they only want to speak about a certain topic and avoid the hard hitting questions thrown at them then they are proving the very thing I already mentioned.
That they are not to be taken seriously outside of their sport.
Apparently this guy over here knows all about minimum wage problems but won’t speak about the new tax plans the governor put in place.
I think that athletes think that they own the stage, which is true on the field.
They dunk the ball.
They swing the bat.
But off the field, that is far from the case.
They don’t cover the story.
They don’t ask the questions.
They aren’t writing the headlines.
These athletes who speak out better watch themselves, because the very people who are reporting you, the ones who American audiences tune in to watch or read about, the very people who ultimately control the masses narrative of the athlete, can turn on them.
They can ask you questions that will make whatever cause you have seem like a dumb idea.
Which of course goes back to the original question;
Why are we supposed to listen to athletes to begin with?

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