Why Colin Kaepernick Is Being Used By The NFL (And He Doesn’t Even Realize It)

A few weeks ago Colin Kaepernick made headlines for kneeling during the National Anthem.
Which apparently is a sign of protest.
I don’t actually think it was a protest as much as a distraction.
A distraction of what, you ask?
Well it is my opinion that it was a distraction set up by the NFL so that we all didn’t talk about something else that would have been news.
The fact that big name players like James Harrison and Peyton Manning may have taken steroids.
Now no one in the media even talks about that.
As soon as Colin Kaepernick stood up about race, or equality, or a new haircut, people never got the chance to ask about the steroids.
Do you ever notice how there is always a scandal in the NFL as soon as another ends?
Now we are told of Kaepernick kneeling, but what about the steroids?
What about the players?
Which let’s face it these guys are all roided up.
I have nothing to prove it but I know enough about the human body to know that a few shoulder pads and some pushups can only protect you so much.
These guys are just naturally big.
And those veins in his arms are just busting out naturally, I suppose.
So I will not be mad at Colin Kaepernick for feeling the way he does.
I will think he is an idiot, not just for that haircut.
But since he is pretending like this is some noble act he is performing.
Yeah, and I am writing War And Peace.
In the end of the day, I don’t think the NFL really cares about what Kaepernick thinks.
Go ahead and kneel and get the news talking about them.
That is what the NFL wants.
Talk about race, or equality, or that haircut, because when that is the topic, no one is talking about the major problem.
The possibility that many of these players are taking steroids.
This is the same league that had scandals in the last few years regarding domestic abuse, gambling, and cheating.
A guy kneeling down protesting the National Anthem makes the NFL look good for a change.
Can you imagine if people were talking about the NFL players taking steroids like they do Kaepernick?
Neither can I.
The NFL would never allow it.

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