I Don’t Get The Hype Behind Ben Simmons

There has been alot of hype around Ben Simmons.
And I will get right to the point with this one.
I don’t get it.
I don’t buy what the analysts are saying about this guy.
And I have my reasons.

1. His jumpshot is awful.
I would understand NBA fans praising Simmons if he shot like Steph Curry.
That is where the game is today.
Shooting is king.
Yet, the worst thing this guy can do is shoot.
Am I the only one worried that the league may catch up to him?
Just take a look at him shooting and tell me that his release is so slow.

My god, I have a quicker release than him.
That is the one thing I will never criticize Steph Curry about, the guy has the quickest release in the league.
And the thing is, he had one of the quickest releases when he entered the draft.
Simmons needs to redo his whole shot.
If I was his coach, I would tell him to worry about fifteen feet and in.
Get good at that before shooting threes.
He is wasting his time shooting threes, because he is so bad at shooting them, that he may be better off becoming the most prolific mid-range shooter in the game.
Similar to Richard Hamilton.
2. His team didn’t even make the NCAA Tournament.
I don’t want to hear about how great this guy is and then not even see him in the tournament.
Don’t tell me that this guy had bad teammates.
Who did Bird play with at Indiana State?
He had the same skill level in his teammates and that team went to the Finals mostly because of Bird.
And this guy’s team isn’t in the tournament?
The biggest difference between the two is that Larry Bird is one of the greatest shooters the game has ever seen and Ben Simmons won’t be the best shooter in his own draft class.

3. He used LSU. (kind of)
Ben Simmons knew what he was doing in order to get that number one pick.
He played the political game to make himself be better than he is and to keep that spot.
He didn’t play in the games after the regular, his LSU team qualified for NIT tournsament and he didn’t play.
He only worked out for the 76ers.
The guy didn’t even bring up LSU in his post draft interview.
Cause he was never planning on staying.
He was leaving as soon as he could.

And few parts to the interview I found interesting:
Simmons says he is comfortable with the system?
Did this guy even follow the 76ers?
They are clueless!
They threw their year so they could get him.
What is his talking about their great system?
They have no system!
I bet his dad helped him out to get that pick.
His dad knows the coach of the 76ers and they pick him right away.
And what was that part about maintaining his ranking?
So he knew he had to play up to a certain standard?
He wasn’t doing what was best for the team to win, rather what was best for his personal ranking.
Even the dad didn’t mention LSU!

4. His own competition doesn’t even think he is the best.
When the NBA rookies were surveyed as to who they think will win the NBA Rookie of the Year, Ben Simmons was not picked.
Chris Dunn was picked by the rookies to win that honor. (according to an article on NBA.com)
Not only that but Simmons wasn’t even picked to have the best career among his rookie classmates.
And last but not least the fellow rookies don’t even think that Simmons is the best playmaker, a skill that many say is Simmons best trait, instead they chose Dunn.
If you go by the guys who play against Simmons, they don’t think as much of him as the guys who cover him.

Simmons can’t shoot an open jumpshot.
Couldn’t lead his team to the NCAA tournament.
May have used the very college he went to in order to fill his stats to keep his number one ranking.
And his own rookie classmates don’t even think he is the best rookie in the class.
I am not saying this guy is going to be a bust, but I am not claiming that he is the next Magic or Lebron.
It is too early for that.

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