Lebron James Took Steroids As A Kid

I am not writing this post because I want to bash Lerbon or hurt his reputation.
That is not fair to him.
He gets too much hate the way it is.
If you know me, I consider him the best basketball player alive, right now.
I am not on the Steph Curry bandwagon.
I am only writing this because I have never hear anyone in the media ever bring this up.
No articles in ESPN The Magazine.
No 30 For 30 about it.
The only people who I have talked about it are a few friends who feel that their is truth to it, but we are not being told about it. (for some reason)
And that is; Lebron James took something as a kid.
Now, when I say something I mean a steroid or PHD that was illegal and it enhanced and improved his ability as a basketball player and athlete.
His development as an athlete was not natural.
It is not because he is so gifted.
Someone gave him something to help him get stronger.

Why do I think this?
Well, for starters let’s look at his body.
He was a grown man in high school.
Remember his first NBA game?
When he was fresh out of high school?
He looked like he belonged!
Not because of his skill, but because of his physical body.
He was as strong as the other players, who were grown men, out on the floor.

Also he has a shady background.
Although it is never mentioned, he did come from the hood.
We are always presented the narrative of Lebron coming from one of the suburbs in Cleveland.
That is far from the case.
He came from a broken family and changed schools basically every year of his childhood until high school.
You don’t think that a brother was going to hook up the local basketball star once they saw what they had in Lebron?
If he had to, he could get something.
He had a single mother and not much else.
He came from a bad neighborhood, where something like that would be ignored for the betterment of whoever was close to him.
And he was good at basketball, so there was a reason for the news people to ever talk about it.
His mother probably didn’t even know about it.
And if she did, then why say anything?
His basketball ability could help her more than anything else.
Why ruin a chance like that because he was taking some drug to better himself as an athlete?
Not to mention that we now live in the medicine dominated era in sports.
Athletes take stuff to enhance their games.
Sometimes it is not always legal.
Lebron is arguably the greatest athlete of all time and no one is questioning his integrity on the field.
I am not talking about his life as a parent or as a father.
From what I know, Lebron is a good man in that respect.
I am talking about his life as a player.
A guy hits a few home runs and I am calling out “STEROIDS!”
Big Papi has a career year and I call false.
Yet, Lebron gets a pass in all of this.
Because of his physical greatness, he is the first one I call up to the witness stand to ask about steroids.
He is the fastest and strongest, yet no one even wonders how he got those traits.
Do you remember the kid who was ripped at like age 8?

It was later revealed that his dad put something in his drink to help him train.
Some sort of protein like drink.
On a side note: Good for the guy for moving on from his youth. Good to see him trying other avenues of life rather than weight lifting.
But back to Lebron, are you telling me that something similar couldn’t have happened to Lebron James?
That he is just a freak athlete.
When are we going to start realizing that there is no such thing as a freak athlete.
Just one who takes something and one who doens’t.
If we think they are a freak of nature, then chances are they are taking some sort of drug to help themselves and we just haven’t caught up to them yet.
Seriously how much do we think good genes and a workout plan can do?
I believe that in his youth Lebron James, whether it was to his knowledge or not, took some sort of pill or drink or drug that would be considered illegal if we ever found it.
Why won’t anyone in the media ever talk about it?
That is another question entirely.

One last thought on this:
I have no proof of any of this, but if I would to put my money that someone knowingly gave him something.
Lebron probably thought he was just working out.
But what I learned from hearing all these stories about great kids athletes is that there is always an obsessed adult over the kids shoulder.
Someone pushing that kid, when the kid should be in bed or studying.
Who is that person for Lebron?
I don’t know.
But Lebron didn’t take anything as a kid to become the best.
Kids don’t have a large enough spacial understanding to do that.
They are smart enough to run up and down a basketball court a bunch of times.

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