Why All The Pundits In The Media Are Lying To You

Have you ever noticed that if you stay on one channel all day that all of the people on that channel talk about the same five or six things.
They have three different radio shows yet they all want to talk about the one pitcher’s bad night.
Or they have six debate shows and they all argue over the same four plays from last night.
Do you think this is an accident?
The hosts from the morning just so happened to be talking about the same topic as the night show.
That is not a coincidence.
Because these pundits don’t actually have a free voice.
They can’t just get up on these shows and say whatever they want about sports.
tomorrow this blog needs sports
They talk about whatever the channel or their company allows them to talk about.
Does that one guy really believe that baseball is doing awful or that football has no future.
Yes, that aspect of the shows are real.
These people aren’t necessarily lying about that stuff.
They are lying in that they are talking about what is hot in sports.
“Hot in sports” is just a nice way of saying it is stuff that they decided was relevant.
Who decided that CTE was a topic that we should all be talking about?
Was it the people or the media?
Same with any topic.
Ask yourself next time you hear some news, is it really news in your sports life?
Or are you just being told that it is.
You ever notice how none of these people at places like ESPN don’t have their own outlets for sports?
Like a place to just rant about whatever they feel like.
They can’t do that.
It is not in their contract.
They are contractually obligated to talk about the sports world relative to how the company wants them to.
Let’s for the fun of it compare them to my little blog.
What is the difference?
Well, first off, nobody is telling me what to say and what not to say.
There is no list of topics I have to cover.
If tomorrow I feel like talking about the local track event, then damnit I am going to do that.
(And just to prove a point I may just do that)
It is my blog, and I make the last decision on what is published or not.
Which is great, in that it gives me creative freedom, but bad in that I have to do all the work.
All the editing, all the words.
That’s all me.
There is a bottom line in this also.
Yes, I hate to tell you that, but I am trying to make money with this.
I would be lying if I didn’t address the ads.
Does that affect my choice in articles?
No, since I am the only one who is profiting off this anyway.
There is no standard to reach.
Any money that comes in is added since I am the only one who sees it.
Now, let’s talk about a place like ESPN.
Clearly it is not just about sports to these people.
It can’t be.
They are too big to be.
They have commercials that they runs that pay them for placements.
They make money through the games they televise.
And you can start to see why these shows all want to their people in line.
The last thing they need is a radio host talking about what he feels is important and being completely wrong.
The viewers hate it and more importantly they lose money from that off-beat rant.
A company like ESPN probably sends out a company wide email stating what they can and can’t talk about.
As I said, this isn’t technically lying to the audience.
They are going after the biggest buck.
Whichever story they feel will keep you there.
They love to create a narrative that all the shows on the channel can talk about.
So then you have the morning show talk about it.
Then the midday show, then the afternoon show.
And then the night shows.
They are not focusing on different topics with each show.
And why?
Because they don’t care about the topics as much as what money they can make from them.
What gets me in all of this is how these people try to wipe their hands clean of any bias.
I always think of the classic example of the San Antonio Spurs.
The media created the narrative that Spurs are the boring fundamental team that gets no coverage, while ignoring the fact that the media are the ones who promote that angle.
It would be like an architect building something a certain way and then talking about how that thing is known for that style!
architect this blog needs sports
What’s my point in all of this?
I guess it is to say that don’t take everything these guys say so seriously.
It is their job afterall.
They are paid to talk sports, or more specifically certain topics in certain sports.
Don’t let them decide what is relevant or not in your sports life.
Same goes for this blog.
Don’t let me tell you what to think of certain sports.
Cause the truth is, you are going to have to do that yourself.
There are too many sports, too many topics to talk about.
At the end of the day you will have to make a decision on what you feel is the most important topic in sports.
Not some radio host or some blogger who doesn’t even watch the games with you.

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