Kevin Durant Threw The 2016 Western Conference Finals

I believe that Kevin Durant never really wanted to win the championship with the Oklahoma City Thunder last year.
Because he signed with the Warriors before he even left OKC.
Am I supposed to think it was because they had such a great pitch?
I’m not buying that for a second.
He knew where he wanted to go before the season ended.
This is a decision that will change his life and he is going to not think about it beforehand.
Yeah. Ok.
Remember how bad he played in some of those games?
I remember saying that it is like he was out of it.
Missing open shots, not catching the ball.
They were better off without him on the court.
And then…
Then in the postseason he leaves the team he lost with to join the team that just beat him.
No one but me is suspicious of his intentions?
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Okay. Okay.
Let’s back up here.
I am accusing a big time athlete of throwing a game.
Surely we would know of this by now.
The media would have covered it.
Would they?
Have you seen how nice they are to Durant?
He leaves the Thunder and they make an excuse for him, as if he was right in his choice.
Those are the people you want to tell you that Durant threw a series.
Good luck with that.
Plus would any of us even know what a thrown game would look like?
Would we know the difference between being lazy and intentionally trying to lose?
I don’t know if the average NBA fan could tell you.
You will hear alot of people compare Durant’s move to Lebron’s (when he went to Miami).
But no one is connecting the dots, or what I believe is reason to question him.
He is clean in the eyes of the NBA.
Meanwhile this guy may just have thrown a game to look better when he goes to the other team.
Think about how bad he would have looked if he would have joined the Warriors after beating them.
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One thought on “Kevin Durant Threw The 2016 Western Conference Finals

  1. I totally agree that he probably threw those games because he fantasized about playing with a team like the warriors. Only problem is that that thunder team was tailor made to beat the warriors. I mean one minute you’re up 3-1 and then you get careless with the ball and loose. Im not buying it.


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