Are NBA Fans Really Going To Forget About That Kings Game?

Shaquille O’Neal is going to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame this weekend.
Now I am not going to say that he didn’t deserve the honor.
He does.
He was a great all-time palyer.
But that doesn’t tell the whole story of his career.
How he won those titles.
What I will say is that no one seems to want to talk about a game that Shaq was in that changes how we view him.
He helped the Lakers win three straight titles in the early 2000’s and on the route to one of those titles…
Any NBA fan can tell you that the Lakers may have been helped.
I’m sure that some of you can recall that 2002 series in Game 6, the most controversial game of all time.

And what do we say about Shaq in all of this?
He is still great?
He is still a legend?
Come on.
Don’t act like he is squeaky clean in all of this.
He isn’t
I am tired of people painting a picture that they want with only some of the information.
Go to baseball all time home run list and what will you find?
Guys like Bonds and McgGuire and Sosa are still on the list.
Despite the fact that they cheated.
We know they cheated.
But when we bring up the list of home run leaders we say nothing.
sophocles this blog needs sports
Or in football where everyone says how the Patriots are so smart.
They will figure it out.
With or without Brady they will win.
Yeah there is a reason for that.
They cheated!
We know they cheated!
Multipled times they got caught cheating and no one is saying that is why they won so much!
That is why they can replace guys on the roster so quickly!
They are cheating!
Yet, we never discuss this when we talk of the Patriots’s intelligence, or Brady and Belichick’s legacy.
cheating this blog needs sports
Are you kidding me?
So am I surprised that no one will bring up Shaq’s legacy being positively affected by the most rigged game in NBA history?
We are only shown one side of the story the way it is.
Why would that change?
We will hear someone say how he helped the Lakers win three straight titles posing as one of the best duos of all time with Kobe Bryant.
Meanwhile they weren’t even the best team in the league in 2002 and the refs helped them beat the Kings.
You can still call Shaq a great player, but don’t paint the picture as if he did it all on his own skill, on his own merit.
He didn’t.
But don’t ask them about that.
They won’t tell you.

Want me to go one step further?
In 2006 when Shaq helped the Heat win their first NBA championship, many believe that the Heat, or more speficially got all the calls.
You couldn’t touch him.
Dwayen Wade even respondd to the critics of the game, who stated that he was given calls.

There’s alot of coverage on the 2006 NBA Finals right now…One because it was the most controversial finals to date and today makes exactly 10 years to the date we won our first ever title as an organization and me as a player. It was one of the greatest moments in my life and probably one of the worst for the Dallas Mavericks. That’s sports… we’ve all had our moments to feel both ways. Now what I’m reading about the series is unfair to me as a basketball player. Did I get some calls that I could have played through YES. We all do…but was I attacking every time I touch the ball…YES. This picture is an example of a play in game 5 that everyone said I didn’t get fouled on. Listen most athlete have never committed a foul but D Harris my guy…this is a foul haa. All in all we did find a way to beat a team that was a much better team then us that season…but they got their payback in 2011 as a franchise so in my mind it’s a wash..but iam proud to take a look back at these moments and say I had a hand in us winning our first ever championship. #2006

via Wade’s instagram account

Shaq also played in another controversial game in the 2000 series against the Portland Trail Blazers
But I guess no one remembers that the way it really went down either.
To no surprise, the Lakers won.
Shaq is involved in three different series in NBA history that fans believed were rigged.
His teams won all of those series and would go on to win the title in each year.
I don’t know.
Shaq is an all time great, but he should also be more controversial for being the best player in those games. (Well, at least in the Lakers series)
Yet, no one says a thing about his appearance in those games.

shaq this blog needs sports

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