What If Steph Curry Took Steroids?

I was talking to someone the other day about steroids and how they can affect the performance of an athlete.
Here is a link to a post I wrote about it.
We were talking about Barry Bonds.
How it became unfair when he was batting.
Not because of his power, but because of his eyesight.
He could see balls and strikes so clearly it was like a video game.
The steroids helped his brain as much as it did his body.
Do you recall the records that Bonds had the same season he hit all those home runs?
Now some of you will say that he was the best before the steroids, which I can’t argue against that.
I don’t know how many games Bonds played while taking steroids.
But I can tell you that in the early 2000’s things became unfair.
He was from my knowledge, at least taking something at that time.
And you could tell.
He was hitting home runs with every swing of the bat.
And when he wasn’t swinging the bat, he was getting walked.
Remember when they walked him with the bases loaded?

Like I said, I don’t know if this was when he started taking steroids or not.
Do the steroids hit the home runs?
Of course not.
Does the scope on the gun pull the trigger?
No, but it can sure make it easier to hit the target with one.
That is what they did for Bonds.
Enhance his skills, so he felt and thought differently, to the point where it was too easy.
Home runs felt like hitting line drives to him.
Yeah, because they probably were.
He didn’t feel the pain he would normally feel.
His mind was more focused when he was at bat.
His baseball reflexes were quicker to react.
Now, what the heck does this have to do with Steph Curry?
Well, as some of you may know Steph Curry has become arguably the best player in the game, definitely one of the best shooters out there.
I say arguably because I would still pick Lebron James, but that is not the point I want to address.
More specifically with Curry, he has been known to take three pointers.
Long three pointers.
Like, way too long to take in a game.
If he misses it he is going to be benched.
But he hits them, with ease.
Like they are fifteen footers.
Now, you may say, “Yeah, because he worked so hard. He is that good. He worked hard to get stronger to shoot those threes.”
I am not disregarding that option.
I am just making a connection to another great player in another sport.
When Bonds broke records, he was taking something,
Why can’t I ask if Curry is taking something as well?
That is why he can pull up from so far out and shoot a three pointer like it is nothing.
He is taking steroids that not only make him stronger but enhance his thought process so it is easy to him.
Like Bonds hitting a home run.
It is effortless.

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