A Nation For Basketball

There has been alot of progress by international countries over the past 20 years in basketball.
Ever since the Dream Team, the world kind of woke up, in terms of their basketball ability.
I think it is safe to say that will never happen again

There are more international NBA players today than ever before.
The game has become global.
But there is one thing that is missing in this whole caveat.
A good basketball nation.
Besides America, I mean.
I am talking about a nation that isn’t necessarily good at sports, that isn’t going to win a bunch of gold medals overall, but everyone knows they are great at basketball.
Where is that nation?
There seems to be none.
In soccer, the South American countries and Europe are the best.
That is what they do.
In baseball, it is the Latin American countries.
But where is that country in basketball, that you know, focuses on basketball?
I can’t name one.
Maybe you can consider Spain or Argentina, if you want?
But I am talking about a nation that produces as many basketball players as they do total Olympians.
Will this ever happen?
I say it will eventually.
basketball this blog needs sports
One nation will take basketball as their identity.
Don’t get me wrong, America will still be the best.
But this nation (or maybe there are two or three) will excel because basketball will become a part of their culture.
They will grow up with thinking that they should play basketball.
When the other nations develop other NBA talent and don’t feel threatened by the greatness of American basketball players, then the world is truly global.
Right now the game is played by everyone in the world.
Calling it global, is making it seem like the other countries actually focus on basketball.
Which is, as you know, far from the truth.

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