Pistol Pete Would Be Better If He Played In Today’s NBA

There is alot of comparisons between generations of players in sports.
Could Ruth still hit all those home runs if he played in today’s MLB?
Would Wilt score 100 in today’s NBA?
Would Johnny Unitas be a top quarterback if he was heading a team in today’s NFL?
Obviously, these are answers we will never know.
But they are really fun to speculate about.
My thinking is that the old school player Pistol Pete Maravich would be better suit for today’s NBA than when he played.
Here are my reasons.

1. It has become a show.
And he was a showman.
He didn’t particularly care about winning, but more about the enjoyment fans get from wanting a great play.
Between his strive for highlights and our desire to see highlights he would fit right in with the Globetrotter mentality these players have today.
The NBA has become as much a performance as it has been basketball.
Which is great for him, since he was the best performer of his day.
2. He created half the moves you see today.
He was so far ahead of his day, that he taught others all the highlight dribble moves he created.
So I can only imagine he would still be ahead of the class on this one.
Still doing things with the ball we never saw before.
3. They can’t touch him.
The modern NBA favors guards and ball handling.
Put the father of ball handling moves in any era and he would be fine.
Put him in a time when the guards are king, and he will be king.
4. He could shoot too.
He was probably one of the best shooters of all time.
Unfortunately for him, he played in a time with no three point line.
Give the guy his due people.
He scored 44 points a game in college, for his career, without a three point line!
We make a big deal about a player getting 40 points in a college game today!

5. The fans would love him.

Let’s face it.
We would all fall in love with Pistol Pete, like we did with Curry.
Everyone would want to see him go by two defenders and then hit a fall away three pointer.
Back then, the fans didn’t embrace him as much as today, since they didn’t necessarily care about the showmanship of the game, as much as we all do.
6. The guy was one of the best.
I contend that if you put Pistol Pete on a court with other all time greats, he will show he belonged.
He will make them look foolish a few times.
Make a few of them turn their heads once or twice.
The guy was great, yet is never spoken about as one of the great founders of basketball.
He helped invent the guard position.
No longer were guards playing like Bob Cousy.
They had moves and finesse you didn’t expect.
After he played, they were expected to have some moves in their arsenal.

This is just my opinion on an all time greats position.
Now the reason, I picked a guy like Pistol Pete, instead of say a guy like Jordan or Bird, is because everyone talks about them.
We all discuss how many points Jordan would average if he played today?
Or whether Russell could still win all those titles, if he played today?
But no one mentions how if Pistol Pete played today, he would be hailed as one of the greatest of all time.
Which is right where he belongs.

Here are some highlights.

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