The Current Manipulation In Sports Media

You are sitting down watching a show like Sportscenter, one that goes over the sports highlights of the day, and you see the normal report.
Some baseball teams play.
You check to see if your team won.
They did, thank god, too, because they haven’t been playing that well lately.
There are some other highlights from around the world.
A soccer highlight of two teams that you are fairly certain are professional.
Who knows really?
The pundits know as much about these teams as you do.
But that guy just kicked the ball really hard.
There is some highlight from a no name high school team.
A kid got lucky by hitting a half court shot at the buzzer.
Where he is really lucky is that someone was taping the damn thing.
All the regular features of a sports show.
Then you see a flashback.
Which is fine by you, since you know your sports history right?
But wait….
The guy they are talking about took steroids.
And they are not bringing that up.
In fact, they are praising the guy, as if he didn’t cheat.
You wait for them to bring up the whole story of this guy’s career.
How he should be ashamed of himself.
But what do they show instead?
An old commercial with him in it!

What is going on in sports is what I like to think of as historical manipulation.
If you don’t know that the athlete took steroids and are only going by the highlight, then you believe that the athlete is the greatest ever.
They didn’t bring up he cheated so how bad could it be?
Now, my question is, “Why don’t they bring it up?
Why are they ignoring the past?
Is there no truth in this highlight?”
Well, apparently there isn’t.
Since these people are not even bringing up how the one athlete cheated.
That is like when I hear the analysts glance over “problems” the athlete has faced.
Problems; that is another way of saying he committed a crime but got away with it, because he is an athlete.
Nothing to really worry about.
Just sexual assault, or rape, or manslaughter.
Minor infractions.
They don’t even bring up the guy’s so called problems.
“Yeah, I know he had his off field issues.”
Being a complete psychopath who should be in jail while off the field is quite some issue.
The man is a ticking time bomb who will blow up any day now, but please continue to talk about how great he is in the rushing game.
I want to imagine that there are many viewers like me, who watch the highlight and point out the inaccuracy of the event.
But I honestly don’t know.
What I know is that there is some sort of manipulating of the past sports events going on right now.
They are presenting how the sports universe should look like.
And the worst part.
They are pretending like it is just regular news.

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