Why Are Black People So Fast?

Oh wait…
Is this question racist?
I sure hope it isn’t.
But when I watch all the runners and sprinters and I see all back people win, I can’t help but ask a question.
“Why are black people so fast?”
Is it a high twitch muscle thing?
They have more than other groups of people.
Is it that they were (gasp) slaves for so long?
Which is really giving genes a lot of credit.
What is it?
Why are they so fast?
Do they train harder?
Or are they just gifted as athletes?
I personally dislike when people say the latter.
As if their ancestors as running the laps for them.
That person ran all those miles.
They put the time at the gym.
They worked hard to be there.
Don’t say it is their ancestors fault for their speed.
That is really knocking their determination and dedication.
That would be like if someone says I am a great artist because of my genes.
Not because I put a lot my of time into it.
No, because my great great great great grandpa had kids with a great woman artist.
So I have better artistic genes than you.
So sucks to be you.
I don’t work hard to be good at this.
And neither do the runners and sprinters.
They were given that speed and did nothing to work on it
That view is really offensive, when I think about it.
Like saying that someone who has more ability didn’t work hard to get there.
I don’t know why blacks are so damn fast.
But good for them.
As long as they aren’t cheating or doing anything illegal, which thanks to the steroid era in baseball has made me question the integrity of any great athlete.
Assuming they are clean, let’s not bring up their ancestors or the fact they were slaves or anything about the past.
That is a backhanded compliment.
You know why that person is so fast?
Because they put the time into their craft to be the fastest they could be.
That’s why.

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