Big Papi Is Taking Steroids At 40

David Ortiz is having his best season of his career.
At 40.
Give me a break.
Don’t tell me how nice of a guy he is.
Or that he is a freak nature.
Anybody who knows anything about middle school health knows that the body starts to break down at that point.
Even before hand.
Probably about 35 or so.
And what do I hear all the pundits talk about?
How great he is.
How this is a historical season for someone in their twilight years.
The last guy to do such a thing was…
Wait for it…
Barry Bonds in 2001.
Are they kidding me with that?
Do these news people think I am that stupid?
Ask any baseball fan how is Big Papi doing it, and they will tell you the same answer.
“He is obviously taking something.”
Unless you are one of those fans who just couldn’t believe such a thing, because he would never do such a thing.
He’s Big Papi.
No offence, but stop drinking the Kool-Aid that the media has given you with the greatness of David Ortiz.
Ask the media and they will say, “He is just that good.”
Ask the man himself and he will act oblivious to the whole thing.
But you can’t hide from health.
Every man’s body deteriorates long before the age of 40, yet this guy is having the best season of his career at that age.
Yeah, okay.
We all know what happened to Ortiz.
He stunk while he was in Minnesota so they got rid of him.
Then he went to the Red Sox, with Manny Ramirez, another steroid user, and they won and everyone forgot about he bad he was in Minnesota.
Even a few years ago the Red Sox were going to cut him.
Probably because he stopped taking stuff for a while.
But now he is back on it.
What proof do I have?
Can you name any other professional athlete who had the best season that late in their career?
Yeah, Bonds and we all know his reason.

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