The Irony Behind Jesses Owens Winning At The Olympics

Every time the Olympics comes by, the story of Jesse Owens is nicely featured somewhere along the line.
A black guy going into the land of the Nazis, and winning four gold medals.
The people who think that there is such thing as a super human race get beat by a guy who isn’t one of them.
The whole thing is very funny when you think about it.
Why is it an upset that a black guy won a running event again?
I mean, the guy who beats the so called super human race, is apart of a race of people who are really good at sports.
Name five great athletes, and a few of them are probably black.
The question I was asking myself the other day was, “Were the Nazis even good at sports?”
They couldn’t be that stupid could they?
Afterall they claimed they were better than everyone, so they had to have had the most amount of medals at the 1936 Olympics right?
They kind of did.
As hard as it is for you and me to believe the Nazis won the 1936 Olympics.
They won the medals count, so technically they won.
Now of course there are those who will say that America won the major fight.
They won the war of that Olympics.
Jesse Owens went over and beat the Nazis.
He showed them that there is no such thing as a master race.
I don’t know.
I like the story as much as anyone, but that is bordering on US propaganda.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the Nazis either.
Just don’t tell me that one guy eliminated their whole righteous way of life by beating them.
They still won the Olympics.
Him winning didn’t stop the Nazis from invading Poland and nearly taking over the world.
Sure it is nice in hindsight for us to say how great of a moment that was.
But as they say, winners write history.
I think this event is one of those instances.
Do you really think that the Nazis would celebrate Jesse Owens if they won WW2?
No, instead of writing this piece, I would be writing the opposite angle how America would have been happy to talk about Jesse Owens winning at the Olympics only if they had won the war.
Plus, this whole blog would be in German.
The Nazis won the most medals during that time and were on the brink of becoming the most feared empire in the world and they were afraid because a black guy ran faster than them?
If that was the case, then we should have never feared the Nazis to begin with.
The cry babies win the damn games but lose in a few events to a black guy and are all upset.
What if that was the other way around today.
What if someone from a rival nation of America won four gold medals while the games were at Chicago and America won the medal count?
Would we be losing sleep over that one guy who “beat” us?
We would say that we have more medals so who cares if one guy wins a few on his own.
And I hate to say this, but that is probably what the Nazis said about Jesse Owens.

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