Fans Don’t Seem To Understand What Steroids Can Do To Players

I am so tired of hearing about how great some players are who took steroids.
As if I am supposed to believe that the player’s talent was still great without the steroids.
Fans call up on shows and say that some guys had great careers, despite the steroids.
Despite the steroids.
Despite the drugs that enhanced the chemical makeup of their body so they could reach a higher performance.
Pundits talk of former athletes who we know took steroids as if they didn’t.
“Oh this guy hit so many home runs!
This guy has the record for (whatever stupid stat they decide to throw at me)”
And never does anyone take a moment to realize what they are talking about.
It is as if none of us know what steroids can do to the human body.
Like we need to sit down with a doctor so he can explain what steroids really can do to people.
When you have a headache, you take something.
When you have heartburn, you take something.
And when you need a few extra base hits, you take steroids.
Are we really that naive with all of this?
Do we really not understand that steroids can be the difference between a professional career or not.
I am so upset that we praise this athletes who we know took steroids as if it is their talent responsible.
You know why that guy hit the ball so hard?
Because he is drugged up!
That man takes more drugs than an addict.
What do steroids do to you?
Well let me put it like this;
Do you know someone who has a chronic problem?
Maybe he has bad knees or has a hard time focusing.
So that person goes to the doctor to receive some medication so that their knees don’t hurt and they can keep focused on tasks.
This person doesn’t do this to get ahead.
They do it to keep up.
To stay, for the lack of the better word, normal.
To perform tasks that can help them achieve whatever obstacles are in their way, whether they are professional or personally.
Take this to the next level.
What if someone is already normal?
They don’t have a bad knee or trouble concentrating, but they want even stronger knees, and to concentrate even longer.
So they take medicine so that their knees get really strong and they can focus on whatever it is they are doing that take mental stress on them.
Like say this guy has a physical draining job, so he would take something so his knees are never injured so he never has to call out of work.
Or if a student wants to study for a really tough exam, like to become a doctor or a lawyer, so the student takes something so they can get through the studies easier since their brain can handle all that thinking.
The second scenario I described to you was two normal people taking steroids enhance their ability.
They didn’t have to take medicine because of some problem they had, like the person with the chronic knee problems or the person who can’t concentrate.
Is it wrong for that worker to make sure his knees are healthy, or for the student to study?
Well, we don’t view it as such, since that situation is viewed as an individual case.
The guys needs to do it.
The students to do it.
But do they really?
Can’t the guy just not take anything?
He already has a good knee.
And the student is already smart.
So why take something?
That is what happens to athletes.
They are already good at their craft.
Why do they have to take something in order to reach a higher level?
It is deceiving to how good they actually are.
The worker will seem like the greatest worker ever since his knees never hurt.
And the student seems like the smartest ever, because he aces appears to have the focus of Einstein.
We don’t freak out over that since they aren’t really competing against anyone directly.
In sports though, it is different.
If you take something that gives you an advantage, then you have to go up against someone who is clean.
Someone who may be better than you, naturally, but with the steroids it is no contest.
You are the better player.
Because you are taking that drug that gives you an unfair advantage over your opponent.
And what do we say about this?
We all act as if the two players were playing the same game.
They weren’t.
Steroids, HGH, drugs, whatever you want to call them, change the playing field, and any player is better when he is taking steroids, than when he is not taking them.
It is about time that we as fans see that.

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