Why America Will Be The Best At Basketball For A Long Time

It seems that there is no real competition for the USA men’s basketball team.
Every game they win by a big score and all anyone wants to talk about after the game are a few big dunks.
Can there be anyone that can compete with America?
Well, no.
They don’t have as many to pick from that we have.
Think of it like this, America plays a team from Europe, say Germany, Germany doesn’t have nearly as many people to choose from so we should win.
It is like putting Europe against a state, like Texas or California.
Europe does have a good collection of talent.
In fact the rest of the world does.
But they all don’t play on the same team.
One is in Spain.
The other is in France.
The only way that any of these other countries can compete against America is to create a program that can create a good amount of players.
For the time being, there are no real threats to America basketball, as long as the professionals are playing in the Olympics.
I can only see countries with large populations causing a problem in the future, like China and Russia.
If they ever focus on basketball like we do, then they may be able to give us a run for our money, because they will have the resources to do so.
I would also like to present to you another perspective on American basketball.
Who are the best basketball players?
Blacks, right?
They are generally speaking better than others.
This doesn’t mean always but for the most part when you are looking at who the best basketball player is you are talking about a black guy.
Just look at the American team.
They are all black.
And why is this important?
Well, that is a group of people whose sport is basketball, who take pride in playing basketball.
And we have more of them then any other nation.
France has 60 million people.
America has 300 million.
13 percent of America is black.
That is 30 million blacks.
We have half as many people who love the game then France does people.
That is not to mention that most if not all whites play basketball.
Some are even decent at it.
So how many people is America really picking from?
Well, at least 30 million who live in a culture where basketball is king and and good a 200 million or so that may fall through the cracks and become a pro.
I suggest that they put together a seven game series with America against Europe.
Maybe then the games can be compelling.
We keep hearing how the game is becoming more international.
It is.
They are more international players in the NBA than ever before.
But it is going to be sometime if America is overthrown by any of the countries that these guys come from.

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