Why Is There A British Guy Trying To Talk Basketball?

the starters this blog needs sports
Have you seen the new show on NBA TV called The Starters?
Probably the only basketball show on tv with only white people as the panel.
They look like guys you wouldn’t even play with if you went to the gym.
But they have a show.
I’d like to imagine that the black guys who are guests on the show all have the same initial thought before they are asked a question, “Why am I talking to this nobody cracker about a game he never played?”
To make the show even less credible, there is a British guy on the show talking basketball.
Because nothing says “I grew up in a basketball culture quite like Britain.”
Tea, James Bond, Shakespeare, and basketball.
That is what England is about.
They are the first people I call when I have a question about free throws or bank shots.
I mean, am I actually supposed to take that guy seriously?
Go back and talk about a sport you know.
Like soccer.
British people don’t know basketball as well as Americans.
They aren’t supposed to.
It is not apart of their culture.
Like how Americans don’t know as much about soccer as British people.
I laugh every time the British guy on the show talks as if he knows what he is talking about.
How did this happen?
It is like when I hear John Oliver talk about American politics.
Thanks for being British, you have a nice accent, but what the hell do you know about American politics?
You are not even American!
NBA TV put on a show with four white nerds and one of those guys is not even American.
They must have low standards for their shows.

Edit: The guy is Australian, which means this article has basically the same meaning.

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