Why Do People Listen To John Calipari?

Can someone explain to me why this guy is still around?
Why is he on the radio promoting his former players, as if they are in a movie?
The guy acts like the players agent.
Pumping them up like they are great people, great players, great leaders,
Everything is great.
Until somewhere down the road we learn that the player cheated on his wife and took drugs during his career.
When he is talking about his players, I have to be reminded that they are just basketball players.
That they are only playing a game.
Because with how he talks of them, you would have thought that the players were curing cancer.
It is so bad for me to bear that I change the channel as soon as I hear him spew his rhetoric.
Do people not know how fake he is?
The guy is a car salesman and the players are his pitch.
He cheats wherever he goes, he gets players who don’t even care about going to school, and then he pretends like they wanted to be there.
Don’t lie.
Players like Anthony Davis or Karl Anthony Towns were never staying in college for long.
Don’t act like this kid is a great person since we all know he went to school only because he had to wait a year to go to the pros.
Why do you listen to John Calipari?
Because he wins?
When you cheat the system and then pretend like you are playing by the rules, then I don’t care if you win.
He gets the best high school players every year, and tells them that whichever one of them wants to go to the pros at the end of the year can go, as long as they all give there all while playing for him.
He acts like it is so difficult having the most talented team because you have to mesh all the different personalities of the players.
Give me a break.
All teams have to do that.
Yours just has most talent.
When I think about what is wrong in basketball today, if I could point at one guy who I think is at the center of all the corruption, I’d pick Calipari.
And where is he in the morning as soon I wake up?
On my radio talking about how great everything and everyone is.
Everything must be great, when you are the most powerful crook in a corrupt world.

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