The NBA Will Make Up A Reason To Give Steph Curry The Finals MVP

If the Warriors win the 2016 Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers then Steph Curry will win the MVP of the series.
Because he is that good.
Because he is the player of his generation.
Because they have glorified him all season, why would the Finals be any different?
They only talk about the great shots he takes.
Which there are alot of them, don’t get me wrong.
He is a great shooter and ball handler who takes shoots that are extremely difficult.
But he is an vulnerable defender because of his small physique and there are sometimes he shoots some awful shots.
I mean, they aren’t even close.
But do you ever see that replay of the air ball?
Do you hear anyone say that he shoots too much?
They will show you the great shot he took from the third row.
The NBA wants Steph Curry to be an all-time great.
They want it so bad, it is laughable at how much they are pushing the guy.
My god, they push him more than the opponents do.
They won’t give the MVP to Lebron James, even if the guy gets a quadruple double.
That is four categories with 10+.
Because the narrative is that Steph is a generational player.
Whether or not he is, is not the point.
Because that narrative is there, Curry needs to win the Finals MVP.
What type of MVP is he if he wins the title twice, and isn’t the MVP once?
Jordan was always the guy with the Bulls.
He was the MVP for all of the series.
Horace Grant of Dennis Rodman didn’t win the MVP one time.
So don’t be surprised if Curry has a great Game 5, that he gets the MVP.
If I had to pick a player from the Warriors for Finals MVP at this time, I’d pick Draymond Green.
He is playing center alot and is doing a pretty good job down low.
I give him credit for being the big man, (I don’t even include Bogut) on a small team.
Green is doing a good job despite being the biggest guy on a small team.
To hear some analysts say that the MVP is definitely Curry up until this point is comical.
Curry played awful in the first few games.
In my opinion, Green has had a better series overall.
If the Cavs win the series in seven games, then someone may even bring up the point that Curry should be MVP despite losing.
They have done everything up until this point to praise Curry, I expect nothing less from them.
An objective view of the game would be a welcomed perspective, but I wouldn’t want to disappoint myself.

Let me get to what really matters.
Game Of Zones.
How will they joke about this Finals?

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