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Muhammad Ali Was Kind Of A Hypocrite

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This past week I have been thinking alot about Muhammad Ali.
Since you know, he just died.
Was he as great as he said?
Why does everyone love him?
Since everyone else loves him, does that mean I have to as well?
Am I an idiot for saying that Muhammad Ali is…
Kind of a phony.
That I don’t buy it.
Before you jump up and claim that I am a retarded moron who just disrespected a great man who had more of an influence than I will ever have, just hear me out.
Believe it or not, I have reasons for questioning Ali.
I am not saying that I am right with my statement, but I am not wrong for posing the question.

1. He was a boxer who preached peace.
That is a joke right?
He fought for a living, yet was telling others about war and peace.
That sounds like a character from a movie.
I get that Ali didn’t like the war, but he didn’t have to pretend like he was doing it for some noble cause.
He didn’t want to die.
Like most of us, he was afraid of death.
His job was to knock other people out, literally, yet he didn’t want to die in battle.
I don’t know but something isn’t right there.
And don’t tell me that he was such a humanitarian that he preached love and peace.
If he was such a great guy, he wouldn’t have fought in the first place.
It makes sense for a doctor or a nurse to talk peace, because they are saving other people.
When your job is to put other people on the floor, I find it hard to take what you say about peace seriously.

2. He was a Muslim fighting for black rights, only.
Correct me if I am wrong, but Islam doesn’t have the best history with their treatment of women.
So he was talking about the rights of the black man while being apart of a religion that we still question how they treat women.
What am I saying that is so wrong here?
That he was a Muslim?
Or that Muslims don’t treat women properly.
(This is a general statement obviously, but compared to other religions women of Muslim faith don’t have as much of a say)
Are we all going to forget that he converted to a religion that, let’s face it, we would have a hard time dealing with today?
Sorry, but I had to say it.
So for every other time a Muslim is brought up, we all think terrorist, but we never question Muhammad Ali.
Do we give him a pass?
Or are we really that anti-Muslim?
And if we are right in our questioning of the Islam faith, (mostly due to the woman problem) then why don’t we bring it up with Muhammad Ali?
We are honoring him.
Yet a few weeks ago, the news put up a picture of a Muslim who murdered someone.
Something is not right there.

3. He was playing a character. (to an extent)
He was full of himself.
It was always about Ali.
He always was the center of attention.
You may say that was his aura.
That is how he was.
He was a larger than life person.
I guess so.
I think that Muhammad Ali was almost a persona.
Like that of an entertainer.
Like Prince.
On stage, he was larger than life.
Off stage, he was a small, shy guy.
The same was with Ali.
On stage, he was a trash talker and a cocky son of a bitch.
Off stage, he was not the same guy.
And if you act differently in one area to the next, then you are a phony.

That is my take on Ali.
You can agree or disagree with me.
I assume you will disagree with me because most of the people who talk of Ali praise him, which is fine.
Go ahead and praise Ali if you want.
I am not going to try to stop you there.
But I will not just nod my head with agreement with everyone else’s opinion when I feel there is another side that we can bring to the table.
If we can’t see the good and bad about our heroes.
If we only see what we want to see from them.
If we ignore their faults, then we all lose.

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About Theodore Ficklestein (97 Articles)
Theodore Ficklestein is a blogger, author and writer whose blog post you may have just read. He has written three poetry books and has a upcoming novel being released in 2017. You support his work by becoming a patron on his Patreon page.

1 Comment on Muhammad Ali Was Kind Of A Hypocrite

  1. There are lots of people who agree with you… lots of Veterans who fought…and didn’t use their religion to hide behind…
    I too saw the “showmanship” of Ali… Living here in Louisville…watching a young boy come up in the boxing field…His name being Cassius Clay at that time…
    We liked the thought of a poor “black” boy doing good!…Evidently working hard to make this his ambition…
    The trash talk of being the Greatest stated coming in…A sure sign of convincing himself and others of his statue…a technique used by many…
    I am the prettiest…
    I am the greatest…
    I am the hardest working fella…
    I am the strongest…
    I am the ?????
    war came in…
    Do I want to leave all of what I have accomplished???
    Do I want to leave this life I have struggled to make///
    These guys were so young…
    and he decides all of a sudden…
    I am Muslim…
    I can use my religion to keep this from happening…
    “wonder who was whispering in his ear?”…
    He was making them money…
    He was their meal ticket…
    so this impressionable young man…
    became a pawn in a game…
    became the type of guy so many in his shoes as a youngster living in poverty and the “bad” part of town wanted to become…
    They began idolizing a man that gave them hope…
    Whether he changed many lives… for Greatness…
    who knows???
    I would like to read their stories… instead of so much on “Ali”…
    maybe then we could see the real “greatness”…
    but, here in Louisville…for a few days…
    no shootings…
    love abounded…
    color was not an issue…
    celebraties came…
    and as predicted by many…
    we would have really liked it not to be so…
    the shootings began again…
    the love dwindled…
    color rose it’s head again…


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