Athletes Have No Legacy

Can we please stop talking about what the legacy of a certain athlete will be?
What will the sports world think of him in the future.
Oh my god, can we stop with the notion that we can predict the future?
As if we know what the future humans will think of us.
First off, let’s stop acting like athletes have a real legacy that they do leave behind.
They don’t.
In a hundred years or so no one will know who they are.
Heck the young people today barely know who Magic Johnson is, but I am expected to believe that there is some sort of legacy he left behind.
Since when are sports like a king conquering new lands and dividing his power among his children.
Why don’t athletes have legacies?
Well, for starters they only play sports.
What I mean is, in the grand scheme of human achievement the sports icons can become replaced over time.
Unless of course an athlete invents a new machine or writes an epic book.
It is just what people say all the time; there are other things in life besides sports.
“But wait a minute!” you say, “I know that sports aren’t the most important thing in the world, I am talking about the athlete’s legacy in sports.”
Fine, name one gladiator who fought in The Coliseum, one gladiator who was great during his time, who had a long legacy he left behind.
Just one.
Can you?
Probably not.
And you know that there were some gladiators back in their day that were revered.
Who poets wrote about and people in the town praised.

To have a legacy an athlete doesn’t even need to be an athlete.
Well sort of.
The most famous athlete in the world, Michael Jordan, is not even famous for being an athlete entirely.
It was his brand, Air Jordan, that helped him become a household name.
Sure his dunks were fun to watch, but he also was a businessman as well that knew how to sell shoes.
Do I really blame athletes for this lack of information humanity seems to carry around?
That we will forgot their greatness on their field?
We all will succumb to it eventually.
It is not the athlete’s fault that the world changes and forgets them.
Just like it was not the gladiator’s fault for the Fall of Rome.
Magic Johnson wasn’t any less great because he is not as well known as he used to be.
But this conversation won’t stop anytime soon.
Pundits and analysts love going to this question as a source and inspiration for disagreements and exchanges of banter among each other for as long as sports are played.
This athlete is the best.
This guy is overrated.
This team is the best ever.
It is all nonsense.
Because the truth, the truth that no one wants to mention is that the athletes along with the articles about them, their highlights, even this blog will be forgotten one day.
It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.
We will all become like that great gladiator who for no reason of his own is no longer remembered.

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