Why Is Jimmy Kimmel Trying To Talk Sports?

Sports have become complete sellouts.
They are so phoney that I can’t even take it anymore.
WARNING: You are about to read a rant.
What the hell is Jimmy Kimmel doing on ESPN talking sports?
Yeah. Yeah. I know.
Disney owns ESPN and ABC and Kimmel works for ABC so there is that going on, but…
What the hell?
Why am I listening to this guy talk about sports as if I should take him seriously
And then he pretends like he is giving me useful information.
Like he knows what he is talking about.
As if I should tune into his bullshit of a TV show.
How many games has he ever played in?
How many games has he covered as a reporter?
Because apparently it is considered talking about basketball if you are just holding a basketball while talking.
And then he reads off his Mean Tweets, oh my god, as if it is sports!
Just stop.
Stop ruining the sports I love by trying to make them like a TV show.
I can’t blame athletes for hating the media.
How could they like them?
The media is so fake and full of it that I would find it hard to trust them too.
Pretending like they care if you win a title, or do well in your career.
If an athlete goes down with a career ending injury, do you think that the sports writers will care?
They will just find another athlete to create stories around.
Kimmel will make sure to have a few jokes about how that athlete got really badly injured.
Whenever I think ESPN can’t get any worse they somehow manage to.
How do they do it?
I’m impressed.
It is like they are trying to ruin sports.
Everyone sitting in the meeting answering the same question, “How can we make this game like a show that people will watch?”
Because the game is not important to these people.
The strategy involved, the complete game and not just a few games.
They act like they are talking about the game.
But they aren’t.
All they are doing is holding a basketball trying to convince you that they are talking basketball.

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