Steph Curry Isn’t Even the Best Player On His Own Team

It must be me.
Because I don’t get why everyone is infatuated with Steph Curry.
He is a great shooter, don’t get me wrong.
He has good ball handling ability.
But let’s not act like he is a complete player.
Have you ever seen him play defense?
And steals don’t count as defense.
I mean have you ever seen him go one-on-one against an opponent and stop him defensively?
I never have.
They hide Curry’s defensive woes.
He always guards the worst player on the other team.
Klay Thompson is the best player on the Golden State Warriors.
He is the most complete player on the team.
He guards the best player on the other team most of the time, and when he isn’t guarding the best he is guarding the second best.
They don’t hide Thompson.
Can he shoot like Curry?
Yeah. He can.
Sometimes he is even better than him.
Someone I was watching the game with brought up that Thompson reminds him of Allan Houston in his prime.
He doesn’t have any real offensive moves, but the guy can shoot with anyone.
And Houston for a few years was a top guard in the league.
It is not a knock on Thompson to be compared to him.
Can we stop saying that Steph Curry is the best player on this team?
He is the best offensive player.
And even that is put into question sometimes because Klay has shown he can carry the team with his shooting by himself.
Give the guy his due.
Klay Thompson would be the best player on half the teams in the league if he went somewhere else.
Also as I get to hate the Warriors more and more, Thompson seems to not be apart of it.
Curry comes across as a self-righteous jerk and Draymond Green is a punk, I have yet to notice any real annoyances from Thompson.
The guy just plays.
I don’t hate him.
I respect him more than the other guy’s.
He doesn’t hide on defense.
He doesn’t get stupid technical fouls.
He just makes every shot he takes and gets back on defense.
It is about time the NBA starts to realize that Klay Thompson is the reason the Warriors are where they are, not Curry.

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