Why The Warriors Still Have A Chance Against The Thunder

Why do I think that the Warriors can still win Game 6 against The Oklahoma City Thunder?
Is it because of their 73 wins?
The unanimous MVP Steph Curry?
The coaching of Steve Kerr?
It is because of the refs.
If you saw the same game I saw in Game 5 then you probably think that the Thunder had no chance to win.
The Warriors got every call.
Marreese Speights got a few calls!
Russell Westbrook got pushed to the ground a few times and they did nothing.
Then after the game the announcers say the Draymond Green should have been thrown out of the game.
Great. Time to say that.
After the game.
The NBA is trying everything they can for the Warriors to win.
Think I am kidding?
The first quarter foul comparison was 7 – 0 at one point.
Seven fouls for one team and none against the other and I am not supposed to think anything of it?
So do the Warriors still have a chance?
Of course they do.
The NBA will make sure they get all the calls.
It is like I said before, the NBA wants the Warriors to win.
And so does the media.
Because apparantly Golden State is one of the biggest media markets out there.
Which explains why Curry won the MVP unanimously that was voted on by the media

refs this blog needs movies

Oh and one more thing;
You know Matthew Dellavedova?
The small white guy on the Cavaliers who was considered a dirty player.
Where is the hate for Draymond Green kicking another man in the balls?
If Dellavedova did that the league would have suspended him.
But Greene did and Golden State is a hotspot for media now, so of course they aren’t going to say that it was a dirty play.

Don’y be surprised when you see the Warriors win Game 6.
That is what the NBA wants to happen.

Game 5 looked more like that part in Remember The Titans when the game was fixed more than a real basketball game.

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