Why Does New York Sports Radio Suck So Much?

I can’t believe how bad the guys who cover New York sports are at their jobs.
My god.
I am having a hard time listening to them.
Now at work we are listening to Pandora and IHeart because of them.
And those stations play the same five songs.
Thanks alot.
It is better than listening to these morons talk about sports though.
My god.
Everyone of them is just wasting my time with their words.
And I am not even talking about the ads that they read.
Don’t believe me?
Let’s go through them.

Boomer and Carton

Carton is a moron that I wouldn’t listen to if he was giving me directions and Boomer thinks he entitled to an opinion on everything sports related because he played in the NFL.
Which he is always quick to remind everyone.
He acts like he is so smart too.
And let’s be honest, anyone who talks about sports for a living can’t be the brightest.
I’m pretty sure there are diseases and famines in the world that smart people are dealing with.
Not last night’s buzzer beater.
If this show moves to the midday when Francesca retires, then I am done listening to sports radio.

Ryan Russillo
Oh god. This guy is an idiot too!
Everytime he talks he has some really out of the world thing to talk about.
“Are they going to trade Lebron James in the middle of the Finals to the Browns?”
“How many points would Michael Jordan be able to score, today in a tennis game?”
Just a tease to get you interested in the show.
And then the guy acts like he discovered freaking gravity with his observation.
God forbid this guy just talks about the game.
He is just bullshitting stories that make no sense.

Stephen A Smith

This may sound bad, (I hope it doesn’t) but he sounds like a black guy who is trying to sound like a black guy.
Does that make sense?
It’s like someone gave him some notes on how to talk like Stephen A. Smith.
Anyway, the guy is an idiot.
It takes hime ten minutes to get to a point.
Which, who am I kidding, I stopped listening to by then anyway.
I laugh whenever he brings up how he knows the players.
Like he is their friends.
Supporting your argument by saying that you know a guy who knows a guy isn’t really that great of a point.
A matter of fact it sounds like you are in the mob, more than anything.

Benigno and Roberts
I don’t know how Roberts got the job.
Someone sure likes him because he doesn’t have it for any real ability on his part.
And can the guy stop bringing up the freaking Nets!
No one cares about the Nets!
Stop talking about them!
Benigno is probably one of the few on this list that I actually don’t hate.
He seems like a pretty normal guy.
But I am not tuning in to listen to a normal guy talk sports.
Nothing that he says is really ground breaking.
Although I give him credit for watching so many games.
One day me and another guy at work looked at each other and said, “Wow. Does this guy only watch sports?”
The worst is that they talk about so much football even when it isn’t needed.
Oh and Benigno sounds like he is auditioning for a gangster movie.

Han and DiPietro
These guys are trying to be really cool and hip.
Like the young kids should watch them.
“We know who Drake is, we’re cool.”
These two clowns have to stop trying to be funny and just talk sports.
This is not SNL.
I didn’t tune in to laugh.
If I wanted to, I wouldn’t go to them.
Oh and someone should tell them that no one cares what they look like.
Just look at Elvis Duran.
You think he is popular because he is good-looing?

Mike Francesca
He is good and bad.
He was better with The Mad Dog, no doubt about it.
I like him when he is taking callers.
Which of all the shows he is the only one that does that frequently which is nice.
The guy can kind of be a dick sometimes.
And he goes on and on about a point.
He is best with callers who go against his opinion.
You can tell he is on his last few shows.
He seems emotionally tired from doing it alone for the past ten or so years.

Michael Kay
I like Michael Kay.
I really do.
But the guy needs his own show.
No Lagreca or Rosenberg.
Just Kay.
He is more enjoyable when he can rant and just go.
The other two hold him back.
Of them, he is the only one that wants to talk sports.
Even when I was listening to the show he got mad at the other guy’s because they were talking bullshit.
So I give Kay a chance because I think he is a genuine NY fan who really just wants to talk sports.
He doesn’t like all this entertainment crap that is involved with sports shows today.
I’m surprised he doesn’t just have his own podcast that he can do on his own.
ESPN must be paying him good money.

Rosenberg and Lagreca
I don’t know how Rosenberg got the job.
Must be the same guy who hired Roberts.
Have you ever heard of a news person on a radio show arrive to the show an hour late?
I never did.
And no one cares about wrestling or UFC.
Whenever he brings that up, I change the station.
I’m actually waiting for the day that Kay either fires him on the air, or reports that Rosenberg left the show to do some stupid entertainment project.
Lagreca tries to reason everything.
Like it is some sort of Socratic situation.
“Oh so they have five games left, four on the road, and they need seven wins to make the playoffs. That means they have no chance because the wind velocity is stronger from the North this time of the year which causes the ice cream to melt quicker than usual. I mean, can you imagine the impact that has on the hot dog run?”
He kind of takes away the fun of the game.
Doesn’t he like the game?
Isn’t that why I am listening to them?
Other than that he seems like a cool guy.

Sometimes I don’t turn on the radio because these guys ruin the game for me.
Whether it is because I think they are stupid, all repeating each other, or taking the game too seriously.
I don’t listen to these guys all the time, or else I may just start thinking what they say is true.

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