The Jordan Obsession Needs To Stop, Flashback To A Flashback

We have to stop with being crazy over Michael Jordan.
It is getting ridiculous.
If you even say that Jordan isn’t the greatest player ever, people go bananas.
They think you are wrong.
And they have their reasons.
You want to talk about the Jordan Rules?
Yeah, they are what people use to argue that Michael Jordan is the greatest ever.
I swear an attorney must have come up with it, because they defend Jordan at every turn.
“He is obviously the best.
He won six titles!
Never did he go to Game 7!
He was so tough and….”
You know the rest.
And don’t think about saying anything bad about Number 23.
The Jordan Lovers are prepared to fight to the death for their guy.
Is he a ballhog?
No. His team needed him to win.
Was it Jackson or Pippen that made him better?
Please, his teams never went to Game 7 because of him.
Do people care that he dominated a weak NBA era?
He had to beat the greats of Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing.
Every argument that is reasonable in criticizing Jordan has a counterargument.
It is like the people who support Jordan will make up reasons to say he is the best.
Like those conspiracy theorists who think that the Illuiminati is trying to take over.
Every bad thing in the news is for some greater more diabolical plan.
That was not a mistake in the food! They are trying to kill us!
The news is warped because they want us to not see the truth!
Nothing can just go wrong.
There is always a master mind behind it.
Jordan is always the best player ever.
No matter what.
People have to calm down about proclaiming how great Michael Jordan was.
Yeah, he was great.
But if you really think that it was just him and no one else, then sorry but you don’t know basketball.
Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Rusell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird.
These guys couldn’t compete against Jordan?
No, MJ was just that good, that all others must bow their heads at him.
Can we stop doing that?
It just looks like none of us know what we are talking about.
And why is it in basketball, that people need to have one guy be the definitive best player ever?
It isn’t like that in any other sport.
Who is the best football player ever?
Who is the best baseball player ever?
What position?
Most would agree that quarterbacks have a large impact on the field, but does that not mean that a lineman can’t be the best ever?
Or how about pitchers and fielders?
No one says that Babe Ruth is without a doubt the best player ever.
No. It is that he was the most impactful player ever.
He changed the game the most.
But there were tons of other players who were great.
Who baseball experts agree could compete with the skill of Ruth.
So why is basketball different?
Why is it a sin for me to say that Larry Bird is the greatest player ever?
Or that Magic Johnson is the greatest?
Or that even Lebron James is?
Since when is basketball objective?
I just can’t stand hearing people go along with saying that Michael Jordan is the greatest.
And not having any reasons.
They give him the Batman treatment.
Why is Jordan the best?
Well, because he is Jordan.
That is not a reason though!
That is just your opinion.
Look, I grew up loving Michael Jordan, so I don’t feel bad for ripping him.
I am not hating on him here.
I am presenting it for what it is.
Jordan was one of the greatest players ever.
But not the greatest.
That is a matter of opinion based on the type of player you want.
So when you hear people compare Curry, or any other player to Jordan, ask yourself this, “Is Jordan the best because you think he is the best, or is he the best because you were always told that?”

Why am I showing you a video of Batman?

I was watching Sportscenter the other day and I just stating laughing at what was on the screen.
They started with a regular highlight and went to a flashback to a highlight from ten years ago.
I am not really a fan of this feature.
There are plenty of sports going on now that I feel it is not needed for them to literally go over what already happened.
Part of me wants to say that there is a legal, ownership of the highlight aspect involved, but I never really looked into it.
Like ESPN owns the highlights of the one game from ten years ago, but not the one played yesterday, so they will show highlights of the past game (ten years ago one) because they don’t have to pay extra for it.
I am not in the field, but I am sure there is some sort of ownership of material involved somewhere and I think that is where the old highlights come in to play.
Anyway, I saw a reporter on screen that I never saw before.
He may be dead for all I know.
The guy left ESPN a long time ago.
Maybe, or he just got a different job there.
He definitely wasn’t in the recent Sportscenter episode I was watching besides the highlight flashback.
Now, in that highlight they showed another flashback to seven years before that.
To another reporter talking of sports highlights.
And I lost it!
I was rolling on the floor laughing at the complete silliness that was on my television screen.
For a second I thought I was watching Comedy Central.
“Are they kidding me?
A flashback to a flashback!”
I changed the channel because that kind of meta viewing experience is too much for a guy who hasn’t even finished his morning coffee.


Am I the only one who will turn on sports shows to see pretty women talk sports?
I hope this doesn’t sound bad, but I do.
Sometimes I am not even listening to the men as they talk.
“Why is that guy speaking? Doesn’t he know that I am only watching this show because of the pretty lady and maybe to get an idea or two for the blog.”
The worst part is that these shows know there are suckers out there like me too.
Basically any man.
See, they know that if they put a pretty woman on the screen, then the viewer will want to see her.
But you can’t have the attraction out there all the time.
The people will get used to her looks and want another pretty lady to look at.
So they only show her in short segments, so that you can only see that pretty face for a short period of time.
Enough to enjoy the view, but not too much to never go back again.
What will you do?
You will go back tomorrow and watch the show at the same time because you know that the pretty woman will only be on for a little bit of time.
So I guess what I am trying to say is…
I really need to get into sports media.
What the hell am I doing writing books and blogs?

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