How Many Games Do These People Really Watch? Plus I Hate The Cubs

You ever wonder how many games these so-called experts actually watch?
How many hours do these people sit down at the television and watch the games that they are reporting on?
As they are reporting on last night’s games or updating on news did you ever stop and think, “Wait did this person even watch the game?”
Cause most of them don’t.
Don’t believe me, just get out a calculator.
There is only 24 hours in a day.
A game takes, let’s say three hours per game.
So the most these people can watch is eight games a day.
If they are robots, which some of them may just be.
Yeah, so if you are listening to someone talk about ten games yesterday, then they didn’t watch the entire game.
They couldn’t.
There isn’t that much time in the day for them to watch that many games.
And what will they tell you of those ten games?
I saw the highlights.
Because that really covers up the fact that they missed parts of the game.
That is like acting like you read a book and saying it is okay, since you remember the important parts.
expert this blog needs sports
Some of those books are awfully long, so you just had to skip to the end.
You can still write a review about the book that people should take seriously, it is okay.
Those other pages were just filler anyway.
Even if these people spend half their lives watching games that is only four games that they can say they watched til the beginning to the end!
Only four games that they should be talking about with so-called expertise.
Plus the time they have to put into reporting and talking bullshit.
There are even shows out there where the person will pretend to be an expert on like ten games that happened last night.
Because apparently these people can travel through time and watch a bunch of games, catch up on their sleep and still have time to write an article.
Come on, that is not being fair to the viewer.
These people in the media have to stop pretending as if they are experts despite not being totally involved in the game.
You didn’t watch the game last night.
You are basing your opinion on facts you got from the internet.
Admit it.
Also since when does watching the game make them an expert?
You will hear a few mention during their reporting that they were at the game, as if that helped their observations.
Now they are Sherlock Holmes thanks to their attendance.
So not only do these reporters not watch all the games they supposedly say they do, when they do, they don’t have much to say anyway.
What can a reporter notice at a game that the average fan can’t?

I know that everyone right now is in love with the Cubs.
They are bringing up how good they are.
How great Arietta is. (I will admit the man has a nasty beard)
How cool Maddon is.
How they will beat the curse.
Everyone loves the Cubs.
Except for me.
I hate them.
I can’t stand how much attention they get.
Everything is about how great they are.
Every chance the media can remind us of how great the Cubs are, they do it.
Want to talk about the possible playoff contenders?
We have to bring up the Cubs.
Want to talk about Cy Young candidates?
We have to bring up the Cubs?
Want to talk about how Tiger Woods is done golfing?
We have to bring up the Cubs?
Don’t think that relates to the Cubs?
It does.
Everything does.
The media wants the Cubs to win the title this year so badly, it is pathetic.
I hope the Cubs lose in the playoffs.
Good. They deserve it.
They think they are entitled to the championship and so does everyone else.
Screw them.
I hate them.
Let’s hope that the billy goat isn’t dead yet.


I have been saying all year that the media kisses Curry’s ass.
Everything he does is great.
He can do no wrong in their eyes.
He is changing the game.
He is the best player ever.
He is….
Supported by them.
The 131 votes for the MVP award given to Curry was from the media members.
Not by the players or the fans.
But by the people covering the game.
Because clearly those are the people who watch the most games.
There is just that many hours in the day for those knowledgeable people that everyone should listen to all the them.
Those are the same people who praise Curry because he wants to be out on the floor.
Because Curry is such a competitor that he can’t wait to play again.
When he has off days, he is eager to go back to work.
Yeah. So….
So do most of us with jobs.
What’s the big deal that this guy wants to play even when he is injured?
Am I supposed to be impressed by that?
Must be tough sitting on the bench, making millions.
The media will make up reasons to praise Curry.
And if you say anything about him.
You are a hater.
You are wrong.
Not them.
Not their bias.
It’s you.
See how they have covered their own agenda by having an excuse for it, if you don’t agree with them?
I am one of those people that believe that no one should ever be unanimous MVP.
Not Bird.
Not Jordan.
Not Russell.
And this year had some other guys that should have been talked about in the MVP discussion.
Lebron James.
Correct me if I am wrong but that guy is still playing right?
Okay. Just double checking.
Russell Westbrook.
The guy had the most triple doubles in a season since Magic and he doesn’t even get a vote for MVP?
Damn. The voters are harsh.
Or biased.
Oh, I’m sorry was there ever even an MVP discussion?
Did anyone else even get a look besides Curry?
No. We were never presented it that way.
It was always Curry.
No one else was ever considered.
Which is wrong.

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