Russell Westbrook Is Gay, Wade Is An Idiot

Am I really the only one who has thought of this when I see Russell Westbrook’s antics?
From the dancing to the commercials, the guy is not straight.
What straight man would have a clothing line like his?

As I was going through his clothing line I couldn’t help but think, “Is this man trying to be gay?”
And he claims it is a fashion movement?
A fashion movement?
Yeah let’s go with that term.
It is a movement alright.
And have you seen his pregrame dances?
What other athlete have you ever seen do something like that?
Why does he like dancing?
The same reason any man likes dancing.
Cause he’s gay.
(that was a joke for all you sensitive readers out there)

Just look at this commercial without thinking that Westbrook is in it.
What do you see?
Either a guy trying to be gay.
Or a gay guy.

Thank you youtube for taking down the video. Bastards.

Will Westbrook ever admit this?
Just go up to the podium and tell everyone that he is a gay man.
I don’t care if he decides to or not.
I just don’t like that he is clearly acting, I’ll say it, like a gay guy and yet no one is saying anything.
If you are gay, then just say it and deal with it.
If you aren’t, then why the hell are you acting so damn weird to begin with?
Dancing before the game?
That Mountain Dew commercial?
This is the guy that opponents are supposed to be afraid of?
Because they are homophobes?
How weird is it going to be when the toughest meanest guy in the game comes out of the closet?
I’m pretty sure that takes away from his intimidation a little bit.

What would Westbrook say if asked he was a gay man?
I imagine something like this.
(Expletive) that (expletive)
That (expletive) (expletive)
I’m done answering questions.

Recently Dwayne Wade got in trouble for shooting during the playing of O’Cananda.
Wade said there was a technical issue with the sounds.
Yeah, sure.
I don’t know about you but Wade, comes across as one of those egotistical athletes that believes that everyone should know who he is.
The joke is that you don’t know him because he is that popular, not because he is delusional with his perception of his popularity..
You don’t know, I’m Dwayne Wade.
How can you not know me?
I play basketball.
He would probably mention some other offbeat thing that he isn’t really good at, but because he thinks you should know him, he’ll include.
Like his charities or acting, or whatever.
So I am not surprised that Wade did something stupid like that.
He never passes the ball when he plays.
He acts like a prima donna every time he gets fouled.
And people praise him for his style.
Claiming, he is being aggressive.
I call it being selfish.
Tomato, Tomatoe.
The guy is an idiot.
We can’t expect him to know it is disrespectful to Canada to shoot around during O’Canada.
That is asking too much of him.

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